To distinguish upon new hire which employee groups will be required to receive drug screens and/or physicals


Upon hire, Human Resources will provide documentation to employees to complete a physical and/or drug screen based on the following employee groups:

  • Custodial – both drug screen and physical
  • Maintenance – both drug screen and physical
  • Nursing Instructor – drug screen


  • Once an employee has received an employment offer, Human Resources will process all new hire paperwork with the employee and provide information and documentation on how to complete the drug and/or physical if required.
  • Physical limitations may hinder the employment offer if the medical doctor determines that the employee has a medical issue that will directly impact the employee being able to meet the minimum physical requirements of the position.
  • The identification of drug use within the drug screen may hinder employment if it is determined that the drugs were ingested within the last 24-48 hour period of being tested.

[Last Reviewed May 31, 2024]