Background Check Policy for New Hires


To verify and validate information provided by a newly hired employee in regards to any criminal convictions. 


Upon receiving an offer of employment: 

New full-time employees and coaches will have a national federal and state background check administered. This background check will include felony and misdemeanor convictions at the state and federal levels. 

New part-time employees, adjunct instructors, student workers, and interns (including all Edustaff appointed employees) will have a check administered through the State of Michigan ICHAT system which includes any felony or misdemeanor convictions. 

An employee with misdemeanor or felony convictions involving sexual misconduct that relates to the employee having to register for the State or National Sex Offender Registry will not be considered for employment at Mid. 

An employee with misdemeanor or felony conviction(s) involving violent acts (assault, battery, domestic violence, etc.) will not be considered for employment at Mid. 


  • Hiring managers are not privy to any disclosed information on the employment application related to felony or misdemeanor charges. This is to allow the hiring manager to have an unbiased decision when making an employment offer. Once an employee has received an employment offer, Human Resources will process all new hire paperwork with the employee and obtain a background check on the employee (employment offers are contingent on the results of the background check report).
  • Misdemeanor or felony convictions (aside from what is stated in the policy above) may only hinder the employment offer if the conviction is directly related to a critical aspect of the position in which the employee was hired into.

Examples of convictions which would hinder employment:

  1. employee was hired into a position that handles money (i.e. cashier or accountant), and they have a conviction of fraud or embezzlement that involved a monetary amount;
  2. employee hired into a position such as faculty, TRIO, or Educational Talent search who work directly with and may travel with students, and they have a conviction of sexual assault, abuse or neglect.

[Last Reviewed May 31, 2024]