The purpose of this policy is to inform all potential and new employees about the non-provision of relocation allowances. This ensures that candidates are fully aware of their financial responsibilities related to relocating for a position at Mid Michigan College. 



Mid Michigan College (Mid) does not provide relocation allowances for new employees. This policy is established to ensure transparency and consistency in our hiring practices and to communicate clearly to all prospective employees regarding their responsibilities for relocation expenses. This policy applies to all new hires at Mid Michigan College, including full-time and part-time positions across all departments and levels within the institution. 

Relocation Expenses

Mid Michigan College does not cover any relocation expenses for new employees. This includes, but is not limited to, costs associated with moving services, transportation, temporary housing, and any incidental expenses related to relocating.


Offer letters and employment contracts will explicitly state that Mid does not provide relocation allowances.

Responsibility of New Employees

Prospective employees must consider relocation costs as part of their decision to accept a position at Mid. They are encouraged to evaluate these costs thoroughly and plan accordingly.


Generally, no exceptions will be made to this policy. Any exceptions due to extraordinary circumstances must be approved by the President of the College or an authorized representative. Such approvals are rare and will require substantial justification.

Support and Resources

Although financial assistance is not provided, Mid offers informational support to assist new employees in their transition. This includes providing resources about local housing, transportation options, and community amenities.



  • This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant and aligns with the College’s operational and financial strategies. Amendments, if any, will be communicated promptly to all stakeholders. 

[Last Reviewed May 31, 2024]