To provide a tuition benefit for adjunct and part-time Mid and Edustaff employees for classes taken at Mid.


Mid Michigan College (MID) has established the Tuition Grant Fund (TGF) for MID and Edustaff Adjunct Instructors (includes credit, non-credit & concurrent enrollment instructors), and for Mid and Edustaff employees in Permanent Part-Time positions (as outlined below) directly employed by or assigned to Mid Michigan College.

MID and Edustaff employees working at Mid Michigan College in either an adjunct or permanent part-time capacity may apply for the tuition grant for themselves or on behalf of their spouse and/or IRS dependent children for tuition costs and fees, except Student Activities Fees, for up to six (6) credit hours per semester.

The MID or Edustaff employee must be assigned to and working at or in a program or department for MID during the semester in which the tuition grant is applied. In the event an employee/dependent elects to enroll in a travel course under the tuition grant program, the College shall pay tuition credit hour cost only. The cost of travel, lodging, meals, fees, and other expenses shall be the responsibility of the employee/dependent.

MID and Edustaff part-time employees, spouse and/or IRS dependent children can receive tuition funds up to a maximum of 62 credit hours.

Tuition grant recipients must successfully complete the class(s) with a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Failure to complete the course with a 2.0 GPA or higher, NOT completing the course, dropping the course beyond the full refund date, or a MID/Edustaff employee who separates employment with MID during the concurrent semester, will result in a reimbursement bill to the employee equal to the awarded amount for that semester. Non-payment of the reimbursement bill by the following semester de-registration date could result in the student being de-registered for the following semester.

Permanent Part-Time Positions covered under this grant include:
Part-time Coaches
Part-time Accounts Payable Clerk
Part-time Administrative Assistant for Workforce & Economic Development
Part-time Custodian
Part-time Hospitality Assistant
Part-time CSC Lab Assistant
Part-time PTA Lab Assistant
Part-time Information Technology Technical Assistant
Part-time Title III Accessibility/LLS Assistant
Part-time ETS Clerk
Part-time Auto Lab Technician
Part-time HRA Lab Technician
Part-time Welding Lab Technician


  • Employee will fill out a tuition request form and submit it to Human Resources for processing.
  • At the end of the semester Human Resources will verify the employee completed the course(s) within
    the established requirements of the Tuition Grant Fund.
  • If an employee or dependent did not complete the course within the established requirements, they will
    be notified by HR and will receive an invoice from Business Services.

[Last Reviewed: May 31, 2023]