Employee ADA Policy


Mid Michigan College is committed to providing an inclusive environment for people with disabilities that is receptive and responsive to their needs. The College prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of disability and takes appropriate action to prevent such discrimination by providing eligible individuals with reasonable accommodations, equal access to admission and employment, services, college courses, programs, activities, events, facilities, and technology.


Reasonable Accommodations

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a job, employment practice, or the work environment to the known physical or mental limitations of the employee in order for the employee to perform the essential functions of their job without causing undue hardship to the employer. Essential functions include the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without accommodation.

Reasonable Accommodation Process

To request reasonable accommodation, employees must provide documentation from the medical provider who diagnosed the disability, or who is providing care related to the disability. The medical documentation must be in writing and supplied to Human Resources. The documentation must include the following: 

  1. diagnosis,
  2. treatment,
  3. functional limitations,
  4. expected duration,
  5. requested accommodations.

The appropriate accommodation is identified through an interactive process, which involves the employee, the employee’s supervisor, Human Resources and Michigan Rehabilitation Services.

Determinations regarding accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis. It is the college’s right to select the most appropriate accommodation.

MID may require an employee to provide additional documentations, such as medical records, in order to aid the decision-making process. Additionally, employees may be required to undergo further testing and /or evaluation by medical personnel retained by the College to verify or establish the disability and the need for accommodation. All documentation and testing and/or revaluations will be treated as confidential.

Determinations regarding accommodations will be communicated to the employee in writing. If an employee disagrees with accommodation determination, the employee may appeal the determination to HR for further explanation.


  • Submit an Accommodation Request for Employees Form (found on the HR website under the Forms Tab) to HR.
  • HR will acknowledge receipt of the Accommodation Request in writing and initiate the interactive process outlined in the policy area of this document. 


[Last Reviewed May 31, 2024]