We deliver knowledge and ability to empower learners and transform communities.

Mid's Mission Statement

We deliver knowledge and ability to empower learners and transform communities.

Enduring Goals

  1. Encouraging Student Success
  2. Engaging the Community
  3. Enhancing Employee Impact
  4. Ensuring Institutional Effectiveness

Core Values. They Guide Our Actions.

At Mid, we have principles and ideals that guide our actions. These are our Core Values, and they reflect the mission, purpose, philosophy, and beliefs of Mid Michigan College. In many cases, our personal values are consistent with Mid’s Core Values. Living the Core Values helps us to succeed in our mission.

Our Core Values are people, integrity, learning, community, and excellence.


Mid creates opportunities for all people by treating them fairly and respectfully. We believe that by valuing diversity in people and ideas, we grow more insightful and compassionate. We maintain open access to education and provide caring, inclusive, and safe learning spaces that promote global considerations, equity, and equality.

  • We honor the successes and contributions of students, employees, and teams across the College.
  • We provide resources and opportunities that promote student and employee success, growth, and advancement.
  • We are open to all viewpoints and participate in College governance and initiatives.
  • We approach situations and people flexibly and with empathy, compassion, and respect for all individuals.


Mid values trust-building through ethical decision making, transparency, and honesty. We keep our commitments, act consistently and fairly, and make evidence-informed decisions that promote our mission. We are forthright and accountable to our students, employees, and constituents.

  • We are consistent and dependable in our communication, processes, and follow through.
  • We take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and the processes that led to them.
  • We commit time to being informed and to informing the College community.


Mid values the transformational power of learning. We inspire and empower lifelong curiosity, growth, and achievement through teaching and learning. Both within and beyond the classroom, we are student-centered. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic rigor and excellence so that students can make a better future.

  • We make learning engaging, interactive, and relevant.
  • We encourage and invest in lifelong learning, both professionally and personally, for our employees, community members, and students.
  • We respect different learning styles and support each student and employee in actively engaging with their own success.
  • We encourage growth mindsets so that students and employees have the courage to innovate.


Mid values community and building collaborative relationships. We are careful stewards of our own resources, and we invest in meeting our communities’ needs for more engaged, skilled, and thoughtful citizens. Through strong and innovative partnerships, we support economic vitality and broaden our reach.

  • We create resources, events, activities, and educational programming to benefit and engage our communities
  • We strive to be active and positive forces in our communities through volunteering, civic engagement, and service.
  • We prepare our students for gainful employment that strengthens the workforce and communities.


Mid maintains the highest standards. We promote innovation so that our contributions are relevant and meaningful today and in the future. We stay adaptable and responsive to the needs of those we serve, because we serve an ever-changing world. We encourage creative solutions and new, bold approaches. We engage and value passionate leaders at all levels of the institution, because we believe that we are stronger together.

  • We commit to communicating with all departments to achieve excellence.
  • We investigate and engage in best practices.
  • We make careful decisions that consider our impacts on our students, employees, and communities.
  • We give timely and specific feedback to improve student and staff performance.