Mid Michigan College is now the organization's official name. Below you can find important details on how to use the new name. From abbreviations to logo downloads, the tools you're looking for are at your fingertips. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Strategic Communications.

What can you do?

Each and every College employee is responsible for the appropriate and consistent use of the name, logo, and brand style. We've assembled a number of tools to help you become a brand champion. Our style and editorial guides can answer most questions about how to maintain conventions of the College brand.

How do you get help?

If you need to request updated materials, complete a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket.

Does Mid Michigan College have an abbreviated name?

Previously, the abbreviation 'MMCC' worked well for the College. Moving forward the decision has been made to not use 'MMC.' The approved abbreviation is simply 'Mid'. The abbreviation of 'MID' only appears in the logo and is not for use in written communications as it is not a true abbreviation.

Where is the new logo?

New logo files are available for download. In the Brand Tool Kit area, you can find Mid's style guide, official colors, editorial guide, and templates for flyers, PowerPoint presentations, letterhead, and more.