Strategic Communications is responsible for three regularly sent email communications. If you're considering sending a communication to a group of recipients, you are strongly encouraged to connect with Strategic Communications before sending as we can help you leverage communication tools and channels.

Mid Mich Weekly

  • This internal, weekly email is sent to all employees of the College with important announcements and updates on trainings, events, etc. The email organizes many messages into one communication, streamlining College communications and reducing inbox clutter. Many requests are automatically included in this communication.
  • To submit an item for Mid Mich Weekly, complete the online form.

Monthly Student Email

  • This internal, monthly email is sent to all students enrolled in the current semester and features select updates and encourages students to use myMid. Many requests are automatically considered for inclusion in this communication.

Laker Life Community Newsletter

  • This external, monthly email is sent to community members on the 1st and 15th of each month and features upcoming public events, lifelong learning classes, short-term trainings, professional development opportunities, and important reminders. Many requests are automatically included in this communication. If you are working on initiatives community members should know about, email us at