Strategic Communications actively tracks all requests received, and our work is prioritized daily to ensure our efforts align with organizational goals and needs.

Let's Get Started

Use the Help Desk to submit a Marketing & Communications ticket. Be sure to fill in as much information as possible. If details are missing, requests are delayed while the necessary information is gathered. The most important guiding principle is working backward from the date of the event or the date materials are needed. We suggest submitting a ticket a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to your deadline.

Our team evaluates Help Desk Tickets weekly, adds them to our prioritized workflow, and keeps you in the loop on project progress. A meeting may be necessary depending on the scope of the project to determine appropriate solutions.

If applicable, clients receive a proof via email. Clients then make edits, changes, and suggestions for the final proof.

Be sure to have more than one person check all pertinent information such as dates, times, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. When working on something for long periods of time, details are easy to overlook. Other people can bring fresh perspectives and help spot mistakes.

Once a project has reached completion, clients need to confirm final approval via email. Final approval allows the designer to prepare the project for its intended output—electronic or print. We do not output any project without final approval. Final approval indicates that all materials have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate parties involved with the event or project.

  • If the project will be distributed digitally, Strategic Communications will provide an accessible PDF. Clients distributing content digitally must have an alternate delivery method plan, in case an individual experiences accessibility issues.
  • If you plan to print the project yourself, Strategic Communications provides you with a PDF.
  • If Strategic Communications is printing the project, you will need to provide a departmental print code.
  • If the project is being printed by a vendor, allow a minimum of four (4) weeks for printing and delivery. This is due to the purchasing process and the availability of vendor press time.

Quotes & Purchasing

  • Print projects being printed by a vendor are quoted and purchased through Strategic Communications. Printing costs are covered by Strategic Communications or shared between departments, depending on the project. If mailing is part of the project, Strategic Communications does not cover postage costs.
  • Promotional Items can be requested in the Procurement area of the Help Desk and Strategic Communications can supply artwork, OR you can contact Strategic Communications for assistance with all aspects from item selection to artwork and ordering.