We offer tutoring for many academic courses offered at Mid. Students enrolled in most Math or English courses will want to take advantage of tutoring in the Math Lab or Writing and Reading Center. For students enrolled in many Science Courses, check our small group study sessions offered through the Supplemental Instruction Program or Mt Pleasant's Science Center.

Two students sit at a table in the library.

Tutoring is also available for other subjects as well. Tutoring is a way to improve study habits, textbook reading, outlining, and note-taking, as well as allowing you to better understand the material in your classes. Tutoring is normally done one-on-one, but we have offered group tutoring and on-line tutoring as well.

You will meet with your tutor will meet at prearranged times, usually at least once a week. , most likely on a weekly basis. All Mid students student receive up to one hour of tutoring per each credit hour. For example, for a 4-credit course, the student is allowed 4 hours of tutoring per week. Tutoring assignments are based on tutor availability.

Tutoring arrangements can be made by clicking the button above and completing our short form.

Tutoring is available through Learning Services on both campuses during open hours. Please check with the Library & Learning Services for times and locations.

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