Supplemental Instruction

Our Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. Sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and predict test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.

What is Supplemental Instruction?

SI is a FREE-to-attend program! Students are invited to attend as much or as little as they please. However, data suggests that the more sessions a student attends, the better grade s/he will earn in the course. Students who attend Mid Science Center sessions are also much less likely to “drop” the course.

The sessions are facilitated by “SI leaders,” students who have previously done well in the course and who attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students. During Supplemental Instructions sessions, students can expect to:

  • Work in small, collaborative groups with their classmates.
  • Review lecture material, course reading, and homework.
  • Learn study strategies with SI leaders who know the course and professors.

Interested in Becoming a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader or Tutor?

We are always looking for reliable, motivated, exceptional students with great interpersonal skills!

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