Whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or administrator, we strive to give you our best service and provide the best technology tools Mid has to offer. We hope the information you see here will direct you to the resources or information you need. If you have any comments or questions contact us at helpdesk@midmich.edu .

About Technology Services at Mid

The Technology Services Department’s mission is to provide secure, efficient, and effective tools, technology, and support to promote the mission and vision of Mid Michigan College.

Customer Service

We strive to provide exceptional, reliable, and timely assistance to all College community members through teamwork that utilizes all of the College’s support services regardless of the issue at hand.

Open Source

The Technology Services Department supports open source and the open source community. We see value in sharing with others: knowledge, code, ideas, and experience to help everyone and promote open source values. We seek to tap into the work the open source community makes available to us as this relationship provides smart and fiscally responsible options for everyone. In practical application, we will offer code, guidance, and perspective to anyone, particularly other academic institutions, to better serve the open source community.

The Technology Services Department shares and supports the core values of Mid Michigan College: people, integrity, learning, community, and excellence.

The Technology Services Department concedes that technology is constantly changing, and we must change with it. Working within this mindset, we intend to regularly incorporate stakeholder input to reevaluate our schedules, plans, and deliverables.

Technology Services

Harrison Campus

  • Room 143

Mt. Pleasant Campus

  • CLAB 318