Web Content & Governance Policy

The Mid website is the most important communication tool that the College owns--and we own this tool as a team. There are hundreds of pages that must be kept current, and the responsibility for this task lies with all College employees.

The Strategic Communications Team is responsible for helping to implement changes and ensuring that the overall voice and appearance of the site are consistent with brand standards.

Deans and Departmental Leaders from across the College are responsible for the accuracy of the content within their respective areas.

An annual request to audit the website for content accuracy is sent early each year from the Strategic Communications Team.

  • We are not able to provide you with a Google Sheet this year as the College no longer has access to the tool that was used to generate that listing. Please do your best to review web areas that pertain to your department.

The audit is scheduled to be completed by May 1 each year, with all changes implemented by September 1.

The importance of this project cannot be overstated, and would not be possible without the highly valued partnership across teams, departments, and divisions throughout the College.

What to look for during the annual audit...

  • Please check your pages for content accuracy.
    • Is the content current?
    • Is the content helpful to students?
    • Do links to other sites work?
    • Do links to other sites provide valuable, current content?
    • Check staff member and contact information listings.
    • Do you have student stories or photos you’d like featured?
    • The proper use of the College name (Mid Michigan College, Mid, or the College - NOT MMC) and brand standards.
    • Are there links to documents that could pose accessibility issues? Has the document been checked for accessibility? Could this content be featured directly on the web page itself?

Does your page have minimal changes?

  • Minimal changes include those that need to be made to that specific page and that page only. Submit these changes via the Page Feedback form located in the lower right of each and every web page.
  • If you're interested in developing an FAQ page for your site, please contact Strat Comm before submitting content via the Help Desk. Tickets should be placed under the Marketing & Communications heading.

Does your page need major updates?

  • Major changes involve navigation alterations, moving a specific page under a different area of the website, etc. If you would like to request major changes, request a meeting with the Strategic Communications Team by emailing stratcomm@midmich.edu.
  • If you have a program or pathway that does not appear on the website and you think it should be featured, contact Lacey Anderson.

We appreciate the efforts of all Mid team members in keeping the website current and look forward to assisting with requested updates.