Signage, Displays, & Installations Policy

The purpose of the Mid Michigan College Signage, Displays, & Installations Policy is to support and maintain a consistent, cohesive, welcoming campus environment; maintain the integrity of campus facilities; and ensure a positive on-campus experience for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

All types of interior and exterior signage, displays, and installations are included in this policy.

  • Permanent – permanently installed signage, exhibits, installations, displays, etc.
  • Temporary – signage, displays, flyers, posters, banners, yard signs, etc.
  • Digital – signage, displays, televisions, monitors, etc.


  • To create a welcoming campus environment.
  • To provide a cohesive, aesthetically appropriate, comprehensive system to simplify the process of maintaining signage, displays, and installations on campus.
  • To provide a clear set of regulations regarding authority and responsibility for the oversight and maintenance of signage, displays, and installations.
  • To preserve and complement campus facilities, by utilizing signage, displays, and installations that are respectful of and not damaging to the existing buildings and natural areas.
  • To eliminate visual clutter and the proliferation of multiple, inconsistent signage, displays, and installations.
  • To bring signage, displays, and installations into compliance with building code, Americans with Disabilities Act, and life-safety requirements.
  • To ensure that campus signage, displays, and installations are consistent with the College’s Brand Standards.


All College departments, recognized student organizations, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors should review and adhere to this policy.


Select departments have enhanced responsibilities as stewards of the campus environment.

Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications department is responsible for coordinating all signage, display, and installation requests for Mid Michigan College. This broad responsibility includes the following aspects.

  • Maintain the College’s brand standards.
  • Facilitate the quoting and ordering process for signage-related items.
  • Provide high-resolution artwork for signage-related projects.
  • Provide oversight for projects and items that involve the College’s brand.
  • Coordinate requests with Facilities, Maintenance, and Information Technology teams.
  • Event coordinators are responsible for returning sandwich board signs to Strategic Communications within five (5) business days after the event has concluded.
  • No sign or poster may emphasize alcohol and/or tobacco.
  • No signage shall contain obscene, vulgar, or libelous material, nor should any material be posted or displayed that contains information in violation of any federal, state, or local law.
  • Signage related to political positions, vote "yes" or "no" initiatives, or specific candidates is prohibited.
  • Under no circumstances will stickers, decals, glue, or any other such adhesive be affixed to campus surfaces without prior approval. In all cases, costs associated with the removal of this material may be passed on to the concerned individual, department, group, or organization.

Strategic Communications does not provide funding for signage, displays, or installations.

All requests for use of the College brand must be coordinated with Strategic Communications.

Facilities & Maintenance

The Facilities & Maintenance department is responsible for coordinating the installation and maintenance of all signage, displays, and installations on campus.

  • Ensure that capital projects and upgrades to facilities that are managed by Facilities comply with this policy.
  • Ensure that any brand-related artwork complies with the College’s brand standards.
  • Coordinate with Strategic Communications, Facilities, and Information Technology teams when requests to order signage, display, or installation-related items are received.


The Procurement department is responsible for coordinating the purchase of signage, displays, installations, and items created by vendors, some of which involve the College’s brand.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department is responsible for maintaining digital signage systems and collaborating on potential installations.

  • Maintain current technology and select future technology for digital signage systems.
  • Select bulletin boards are reserved by specific College departments. If a bulletin board is reserved other parties should not post content to that board.
  • Community members are welcome to post to unreserved bulletin boards, but non-compliant materials will be removed and disposed of.
  • If a posting is connected to a specific date, the materials should be removed within three business days after the date/event has concluded.
  • Bulletin boards are cleared of all content at the conclusion of the summer, fall, and winter semesters by Strategic Communications.
  • Materials should not be smaller than 8.5” x 5.5” or larger than 11”x17”.
  • Materials should not be posted over or on top of other materials.
  • Materials should fit completely on the bulletin board and not be hanging off the sides, top, or bottom.


The College’s Signage, Displays, & Installations Policy applies to all college-owned facilities and is encouraged, where permissible, at leased facilities. All signage, displays, and installations intended to be posted on College property must adhere to this policy, and the College reserves the right to remove signage, displays, and installations that do not conform to this policy.

Acquisition & Installation

Requests to purchase or install new or existing signage, displays, or installations should be submitted to Strategic Communications via a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket or by emailing Requests will be reviewed with the College’s Facilities and Information Technology teams to ensure all impacts are addressed.

Authorized Parties

  • College departments, recognized student organizations, and individual faculty, staff, and students may post signage and request space for displays and installations.
  • Community members, businesses, and organizations may only post flyers to bulletin boards not reserved by a specific department. Displays or installations are not allowed.
  • Signage may only be posted on bulletin boards that are not reserved by a specific department.
  • Signage may NOT be hung up via any method on walls, glass, doors, poles, in stairwells, restrooms, or other surfaces.
    • Signage display solutions may be available, contact Strategic Communications for details.
  • Signage may NOT be left lying on flat surfaces.
  • Displays and installations must be requested through a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket or by emailing before becoming active projects with Facilities or Procurement.
  • For events with large numbers of individuals in attendance where traffic control may become a concern (e.g. graduation ceremonies, sporting events, Alumni Reunions, Open House, Opening Day, Summer Orientation, and other very large community events), sandwich boards, TV signs or other means of communicating information can be utilized to direct traffic to designated parking areas. This decision will be made through a collaborative process with the event coordinators and Strategic Communications, Facilities, and Information Technology departments.

Adherence to Graphic Standards

Consistent adherence to graphic standards is vital in establishing the Mid Michigan College brand. Therefore, all signage, displays, and installations must adhere to Mid Michigan College’s Brand Standards as maintained by Strategic Communications, which include graphics and writing standards.

Use of Logo and Seal

Permission from Strategic Communications must be obtained before use of the College seal or logo is permitted on any materials, signage, displays, installations, etc. The Strategic Communications team is available to assist students, faculty, and staff with projects. Request assistance via a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket or email

Signage, Display, & Installation Guidelines and Procedures

Naming/Donor Recognition

The naming, dedication of, or recognition of donors or donations related to College spaces must be coordinated with the Mid Michigan College Foundation and Strategic Communications.

Door Signs

Door signs for offices are available through Strategic Communications via a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket or by emailing

Personal Office Space

Employees may display personal items in their work areas, including on the walls and door, but Facilities must be notified and the installation method must be pre-approved. This policy's content guidelines apply to personal items in work areas as well.

Bulletin Boards

Mid Michigan College campus bulletin boards are used to inform the student body and college community of campus events, activities, policies, and notices. Space is provided for items of an educational, cultural, civic, or recreational nature, rather than for commercial or partisan political purposes.

Sidewalks & Yard Signs

Permission to display temporary exterior signage such as lawn, road, or parking lot signs must be requested through Strategic Communications. Additional details can be found in Expressive Activity Policy.

  • Requests must include an example of the sign and proposed locations.
  • Approvals are valid for one-time use only.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the intended display period.
  • A maximum of 20 signs may be displayed at one time.
  • Approved signage may be placed on a temporary (no more than one week, 7-day) basis, as this is primarily intended to promote activities and events on the campus.
  • The preferred sign support is the “H” shaped wireframe.
  • Sign panels should not exceed 18” x 24”.
  • If approved, the requestor is responsible for the printing costs, installation, and removal of the lawn signs after the event. Requestor should check signs daily to make sure they are standing and in good condition.
  • Non-compliant signs will be removed and disposed of.
  • Permanent signage or alteration to any property and of any type (structural, paint, parking lot, sidewalk, or other) is strictly prohibited.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Fire Code

All signage, displays, and installations must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”) as amended, as well as OSHA, state, and other federally mandated regulations. In addition, all interior signage must comply with the National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards, as amended and updated. This policy does not apply to OSHA-mandated signage in buildings and facilities, and other signage as mandated by the latest ANSI A117.1 standards.

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to Strategic Communications.


In an effort to assist with signage needs, ensure signage aligns with the College's brand standards, and manage installation methods and requests, Strategic Communications serves as the point of contact for all signage-related projects.

  • All signage requests should be submitted to Strategic Communications.
    • Requests can be submitted through a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket or emailed to
    • Strategic Communications will work with requesters to determine their signage needs, ensure the request aligns with the College's brand and signage standards, and develop an appropriate solution to the issue.
      • What is the need?
      • How often does the need occur?
      • Who and how many are impacted?
      • Appropriate solution?
      • Budget available?
      • Does the request align with brand and signage standards?
    • If a temporary solution is agreed upon, Strategic Communications will assist in the implementation.
    • If a permanent signage solution is needed, Strategic Communications will assist in obtaining College Council approval, the procurement process, coordinating installation with Facilities/vendor.