The College encourages individuals who have experienced acts of criminal or sexual violence to report the conduct to the College’s Title IX Coordinator, Campus Security, or local law enforcement. However, the College understands that there are many barriers to reporting, both individual and societal. Not every individual will choose to make a formal report but still may need someone to speak with in confidentiality who is not required to report the incident the College’s Title IX Coordinator. For such individuals, the College offers limited Counseling through the Office of Counseling and Wellness Services and contracted counselors.

The Director of Counseling and Wellness Services is a professional counselor and is subject to legal confidentiality. This prohibits the release of information without an individual’s express consent, except as required by law. When deemed appropriate, the College encourages employed and contracted professional counselors to inform their clients of their option to submit a confidential report. The purpose of a confidential report is to adhere to an individual’s choice to keep the matter private while still taking steps to ensure the safety of the individual and the campus community.

If someone makes a report of criminal or sexual violence to the College’s confidential resource, the individual will be provided with options and information on the steps of submitting a voluntary, confidential report to the Clery Compliance Officer. This Report permits the Clery Compliance Officer to determine if the incident should be reported among the crime statistics in the Annual Security Report. Personal information is NOT disclosed in the crime statistics.


Information on Mid’s Counseling and Wellness Services may be obtained by contacting:

Amy Campbell, Director of Counseling and Wellness Services

Mt. Pleasant Campus: 2600 S. Summerton Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Harrison Campus: 1375 S. Clare Ave., Harrison, MI 48625 | 989-773-6622, Extension 256


The College’s counseling services are limited. In an effort to support an individual’s rights to speak with someone confidentially in confidence, the College maintains a Community Assistance Resource page. Individuals who wish to remain anonymous and have experienced acts of criminal or sexual violence on any of Mid’s campus locations, at college-sponsored activities or events, or off campus where the perpetrator is a member of the campus community are encouraged to consider submitting an anonymous report through the MidCares reporting page. Submission of an anonymous report permits the Clery Compliance Officer to determine if the incident should be reported among the crime statistics in this Annual Security Report.


The College realizes the importance of having community references readily available. A list of external resources is housed on the College’s website, entitled Community Assistance Resources, as well on the Campus Safety webpage. Information on both pages is updated regularly.

Additionally, the College has assembled a ‘commonly asked questions and answers’ booklet for survivors of sexual misconduct which is available on the College’s Title IX & Civil Rights webpage. The Guide provides information on survivor reporting options through the College and local law enforcement, resources available on and off campus, information on SANE examinations, how to obtain a College No Contact Order and acquire a Personal Protection Order from the Courts, etc. A resource handbook, published in 2018 by the Office of the Governor in conjunction with the former First Lady of Michigan, entitled A Resource for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors, Friends, and Family is also available.


Title IX Coordinator Contact Information:

Martricia (Tricia) Farrell

Director of College Compliance and Ethics
Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator

1375 S. Clare Ave, Harrison, MI 48625
Office: Harrison Campus Main Building, Business Office Suite, Room 205

2600 S. Summerton Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Office: Center for Liberal Arts & Business, Room 168C (located inside Library and Learning Services)

(989) 386-6622 x394 |

(updated JULY 2023)