Under the College’s Campus Non Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy, Mid has jurisdiction and will respond to allegations of misconduct that occur on college property, at college-sponsored activities or events, and/or when both the accused person and alleged victim are a student, faculty, or staff member. While Mid does not have jurisdiction over allegations between visitors or non-affiliated persons, it is expected that visitors to our campus will abide by College Policy. Mid has the discretion to investigate acts of misconduct occurring off college property when a definite, legitimate and substantial College interest exists or at non-college sponsored activities and events if the Complainant and Respondent are members of the campus community. Any actions taken by the College are administrative in nature and separate from any criminal proceeding related to the reported misconduct. These actions may occur while a criminal proceeding is ongoing. Actions taken by the College will not be delayed or dismissed when criminal charges have been reduced, dismissed, or when a criminal proceeding is pending. Further, Mid may continue with its investigation if a party is no longer a student or employed at the College.