Filing Complaints

Mid Michigan College strongly encourages anyone who experiences or observes any acts of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct to promptly report the incident(s) and seek assistance from the College. The College can only take corrective action when it becomes aware of a problem. In instances where the College is aware of acts of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct, the College may take its own action to understand what has occurred and respond appropriately. The College reserves the right to file a complaint and initiate proceedings without a formal complaint by a victim pursuant to College policy.

Any student, staff member, third-party or bystander who experiences, observes, or becomes aware of any acts of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct, is encouraged to report it to Campus Security, the College’s Title IX Coordinator, or by using the online incident report form.

Reports may be filed as follows:

  1. By visiting the Mid Cares webpage and completing the Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Report Form
  2. Contacting Campus Security:
    Harrison Campus (989) 339-4204, Safety and Security Office
    Mt. Pleasant Campus (989) 339-7323, located in the Center for Student Services room 146

Reports may also be made directly to the College’s Title IX Coordinator, via mail, email, telephone or through the online report form which is available 24 hours a day/365 days a year. The Title IX Coordinator, Investigators and Decision-Makers receive yearly training on issues related to sexual misconduct including dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. In addition, they receive instruction on the procedures for conducting an investigation and implementing processes that protect the rights and safety of involved parties and promoting accountability.


Title IX Coordinator for Students and Employees:

Martricia (Tricia) Farrell

Director of College Compliance and Ethics
Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator

1375 S. Clare Ave, Harrison, MI 48625
Office: Harrison Campus Main Building, Business Office Suite, Room 205

2600 S. Summerton Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Office: Center for Liberal Arts & Business, Room 168C (located inside Library and Learning Services)

(989) 386-6622 x394 |



In any emergency please contact 911, or for non-emergency matters that may require assistance from law enforcement, please contact the following agency with responding jurisdiction for the Harrison or Mt. Pleasant campuses as follows:

Harrison Campus
Clare County Sheriff’s Department
255 W. Main St., Harrison, MI48625
(989) 539-7166

Mt. Pleasant Campus
Isabella County Sheriff’s Department
207 Court St., Mt. Pleasant, MI48858
(989) 772-5911

For incidents occurring at off-campus locations, events or activities, please contact 911 or law enforcement with responding jurisdiction. Please further conclude by contacting Campus Security or the Title IX Coordinator.

When filing a complaint, it is recommended that the provided information should thoroughly and concisely describe the alleged incident(s). This information should include the date, time and location, name of involved parties, and the names of any witnesses. Any supporting documentation should be included with the complaint.

(updated AUGUST 2021)