The impact and success of Mid's brand depends on the efforts of each and every Mid Michigan College employee. By working together to be brand champions, we will move Mid and its brand forward by achieving higher levels of awareness and engagement in the communities we serve, increasing the number of potential and returning students, and enhancing the level of pride in the College itself. Strategic Communications will strive to continue to provide exceptional service and resources to support the efforts of all at Mid.

What's a brand? Why does Mid need one?

There are countless definitions for “brand” – what each of these definitions have in common is that a brand is an authentic promise for anyone who interacts with the organization. Many organizations, including Mid, have core values and beliefs that guide their overall mission. A distinct and memorable brand is an efficient and effective way to convey those values and beliefs to others. Brands encompass many features including

  • LOOK & FEEL This feature represents the visual appearance of a brand and it is vital that this remains consistent. The logo, colors, typography, website, advertising, etc. all contribute to the look and feel of the brand.
  • ALIGNMENT This ensures the brand aligns with the mission, core values, goals, and culture of an organization.
  • VOICE The voice of the brand includes the language, terminology, and tone used when communicating in print materials, on the website, and face-to-face.
  • EXPERIENCE Ensuring all stakeholders have a consistent experience at the reinforces and builds the brand today and for the future.

A refresh of the Mid Michigan College logo and brand was a collaborative effort, completed in 2018, that involved the input of a multitude of individuals and groups across the campus community. The brand will continue to evolve while maintaining a certain level of consistency, to remain recognizable and effective.

Understanding Mid's Brand

    • Explore the Brand Tool Kit area of this site for logo downloads, email signature templates, style guides, and more.
    • Mid Michigan College Mission Statement and Core Values
    • Mid Michigan College Strategic Plan 
    • Brand Guideposts
        • Is the work true to who Mid is?
        • Does the work feature actual students and genuine stories?
        • Does the work present itself as straightforward, relevant, and honest?
      • DURABLE
        • Does the work capture the significance of the grit, determination, and perseverance that our students possess?
        • Does the work recognize the value of the journey from wherever our students have been to where their potential can take them?
        • Does the work convey Mid's steadfastness, solidness, and reliability?
        • Does the work evoke confidence, hope, and positivity?
        • Does the work capture a sense of rising up and rising above?
      • VIBRANT
        • Is the work dynamic and energetic?
        • Is the work colorful and representative of Mid's diversity?
        • Does the work convey the fun and inspirational atmosphere at Mid?
      • FRIENDLY
        • Does the work promote our dedication to personal attention and Mid's caring and supportive environment?
    • Review the College's Editorial Guide for style, terminology, and reference guidelines.

How to be a Brand Champion

  • Understand Mid's brand and its value to the College
  • Consistently Communicate and Apply Mid's Brand
  • Collaborate with Strategic Communications
    • If you're launching a project that needs to be communicated, promoted, or there are materials to be created, Reach out! You can email us at or simply complete a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket.
  • Helpful Reminders
    • Name | Mid Michigan College is the official name of our organization. The only approved abbreviation is Mid. In written content, Mid or the College should only be used after the first mention of the full name.
      • MMC and MID are not approved abbreviations and should not be used.
    • Email | We ask that all employees of the College use an approved email signature template.
    • Website | Do you have online or website needs? Let us know! Please do not purchase domain names or launch College-related websites without the involvement of Strategic Communications.
    • Social Media | Social media is a powerful tool, that can have a far-reaching impact. Before creating any social media accounts, pages, or profiles that are connected to the College we ask that you meet with Strategic Communications so we can develop a strategic approach that will help you achieve your goals and protect the College's reputation.
    • Photos | If you require a photo for use in materials or communications, we encourage you to ask for assistance from Strategic Communications. We have a library of Mid-specific photography, and also have access to several unlicensed photo resources.
    • Photo/Video Releases | If you are capturing a photo or video of a particular individual, a multimedia release is required. If the photo or video is being captured at a publicly promoted event, releases are not required.
    • Signage | If you're interested in adding signage to campus, review this step-by-step policy.
  • Explore Resources
    • The Strategic Communications web area contains an abundance of information designed to educate and help the Mid Michigan College community become brand champions. The site contains helpful tips, resources, templates, and helpful tools that make using Mid Michigan College's brand fast and easy.

Questions? Fantastic!

Reach out to our team by emailing us at or by completing a Marketing & Communications Help Desk Ticket.