Strategic Communications strives to collaborate with the entire campus community to build a brand that promotes Mid with clarity, consistency, and impact.

It's important that we carefully tend Mid's brand as it differentiates the College from its competitors, helps people understand the value we provide, and creates an emotional connection to our key audiences.

Mid's brand is integral to the College's success as it influences what we stand for in the minds of the people we're trying to reach, influence, and move to action. Discover how you can be a brand champion and utilize these resources.

What we say, do, and stand for translates to what our target audiences hear, see experience, and feel. As we work together to strengthen and evolve Mid's brand we will be able to tell our story with pride and confidence, we will have materials that reflect the quality of a Mid education with authenticity, we will raise awareness and build a brighter reputation, and we will be able to create a more seamless experience and establish a strong, unified visual identity.

Become a brand champion. Explore these resources. Utilize the expertise of Strategic Communications.

The resources below are here to empower each one of you to become a brand champion. As we all work to become familiar with how to use Mid's brand, we have to take a step back from our work and evaluate it to ensure the brand is represented consistently.

If you create materials using the College's logo we ask that you submit the materials for approval. Email to submit materials for approval.

Logo Downloads

Download official logo files for multiple uses.

Style Guides & Official Colors

Explore how to use the style and voice of the brand.

Social Media

Interact with Mid on various social media channels.


Download easy-to-use templates.