Juniors in the ETS program will receive a SAT prep book in September/October of their junior year. These books are free of charge and are carefully selected to make sure they will be beneficial to the students. It is up to the student to read, study, and use the book.

  • ETS will host 2 SAT prep sessions per year, usually in January-March. These prep sessions are free of charge and are open to all high school students. One session will be at Mid's Harrison Campus and one session will be at Gladwin High School.
  • Fliers will be sent out about sessions and information will be posted on our Facebook page. Students must pre-register for the sessions so that we have enough materials for all participants.
  • ACT prep books are available to borrow from the ETS office. Please contact the office to check out a book.
  • SAT/ACT Fee Waivers
  • ETS students can take the ACT for free and retake the SAT for free by contacting the ETS office for a fee waiver.
  • Registration for these tests is done online and you must contact the office prior to registering to receive a waiver. ETS does NOT reimburse students who pay the registration fees themselves.
  • SAT and ACT test dates and registration deadlines will be posted on the ETS Facebook page. They are also given to the rising Seniors in the packet they receive in May of their Junior year.