Mid's ETS partners with the Clare/Gladwin RESD, and through this partnership, we have access to Skyward and PowerSchool. Students grades will be checked after the fall semester and after the spring semester.

  • ETS students are required to have a 2.5 GPA or above to be active and participate in the program.
  • If a student’s GPA falls below a 2.5 GPA, the student/parent will receive an academic probation letter from ETS. This means the student will not be allowed to participate in ETS events/trips. The student will have a semester to bring their grade point back up above a 2.5.
  • If a student’s GPA is below a 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, the student/parent will receive a letter of academic dismissal from ETS. The ETS program is designed for students that demonstrate college potential. Not maintaining a 2.5 GPA or above is not demonstrating college potential.
  • Students on probation are urged to contact the ETS office for assistance in finding tutoring at their school. We do keep a list of hours and availability of tutor’s/homework assistance for all schools.