Change of Name and/or Gender Policy

Mid Michigan College (Mid) recognizes that its members may choose to undergo a change in their legal name and/or use names to identify themselves that are different from their legal name. This includes persons with a preferred or chosen name or ones that identify with a gender that differs from their birth-assigned sex. Individuals that use a different name may choose the option to change their legal name and/ or gender information with the College. Mid Michigan College’s Office of the Registrar has the responsibility of oversight in implementing any change to a student’s official or unofficial student name and gender, while Human Resources has the responsibility for employees. All inquiries and requests should be directed to one of those offices.

The reported name and gender on the official record is a person’s legal name and gender. This information should reflect the name and gender of an individual’s initial application for admission or employment with the College. If an individual chooses to change their name and/or gender in the College’s official records or if they desire to use a preferred or chosen first name, an understanding of this policy and procedure is warranted.

Change of Name and/or Gender Policy and Process

Download and Review the complete 'Change of Name and/or Gender Policy 2023-2024 (PDF)


Change of Name and/or Gender Request Form



(updated JULY 2023)