Travel and Reimbursement Policy

  1. Travel Authorization Forms are required for all college travel including airfare, car rental, lodging, conference registration and other requirements.
  2. Approvals
    1. Employees must submit Travel Authorization Forms to their direct supervisor.
    2. Supervisors will submit the completed authorization form to the Business Services Department.
    3. The Business Services Department will verify correct general ledger account designations and budget availability.
    4. All overnight travel and air travel must be pre-approved by the College President.
    5. Car rental will be allowed when necessary and pre-approved by the supervisor.
    6. Exceptions to the general reimbursements specified below require approval from the employee’s direct supervisor in conjunction with the Business Services Department.
  3. Deadlines
    1. Requests for flight arrangements must be submitted and approved at least 30 days prior to departure.
    2. Requests including only ground travel must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event.
    3. The College will make direct payments for conference registration fees at the early bird rates. Late fees must be paid by the employee unless waived by the College President.
  4. Arrangements
    • The Purchasing Manager will book flights and make all advance payments (conference registration, lodging, car rental, etc.), as requested.

General policies

  1. Employees are expected to utilize the most cost efficient means of transportation.
  2. Employees electing to utilize a more expensive means of transportation may do so, work schedule permitting, but will be reimbursed at the calculated lesser amount.
  3. Consideration of employee’s scheduling constraints and preferences will be given when economically feasible.
  4. Conference rates for hotels, airfare, car rentals, and parking should be utilized when available.
  5. Employees shall use the most cost efficient means of ground transportation (taxi, shuttle, Uber, Lyft, etc.) for travel between the airport and conference/hotel.
  6. Parking fees are reimbursable with the original receipt. Optional valet service will not be reimbursed.
  7. The College makes a limited number of fleet vehicles available. The College does not allow personal occupants to travel with employees in college-owned vehicles.
  8. Fleet vehicles must be returned to campus the same day as the employee’s return from travel.
  9. Fleet vehicles are not to be kept at the employee’s home overnight.
  10. Employees using personal vehicles for college business will be reimbursed for mileage from the college campus closest to their destination.
  11. Travel between Mid campuses will not be reimbursed.
  12. College fleet vehicles cannot be used for travel between Mid campuses.
  13. Hotels for all events should be selected to provide accommodations convenient to the conference site and at rates that are cost-effective to the college. Mid will reimburse for lodging at the conference rate or the hotel’s rate for single occupancy. Should an employee choose to upgrade a room, they will be responsible for the additional cost above the standard occupancy rate. For in-state travel, employees must provide the hotel with a tax exempt status form to ensure no sales tax is charged to the college.
  14. Wi-Fi access fees will be reimbursed if itemized on hotel billing statements.
  15. Car rentals
    1. Car rentals must be pre-arranged by the Business Services Department.
    2. Employee must have a valid driver’s license and be approved to drive college vehicles.
    3. In the event an individual is not approved to drive college vehicles but needs to rent a vehicle, they will be required to rent the vehicle independently of the college and request reimbursement upon return to work.
    4. Any reimbursements will be at rates not to exceed the College’s rental rate for a midsized vehicle.
    5. Before returning the rental car to the rental agency, employees must fill the gas tank, not pre-purchase a tank of gas, to the level determined by the agreement since rental companies assess a cost surcharge for this service.
    6. The cost of the fuel will be reimbursed to the employee with the original receipt
  16. Meals will only be reimbursed when traveling greater than one day.
  17. Meals are reimbursed on a receipt basis up to $50 per day.
  18. Employees attending an event in a destination with a published daily Meal & Incidentals (M&IE) per diem rate exceeding $60 will be reimbursed on a receipt basis up to $75 per day. Search Per Diem Rates by Location
  19. Employees are eligible for 75% of the above reimbursement limits for the first and last days of travel, as they are typically partial days.
  20. Business meals paid by employees that include non-college personnel are reimbursable when supported by the original detailed receipt(s) and included with the Employee Reimbursement Form. The reimbursement request form must include the date of the meal, name of the dining establishment, nature of business conducted, and the names and business affiliations of the guests.
  21. Tips are reimbursable up to 20% on meal expenses.
  22. Cash advances are not provided.
  23. Employees are allowed to have a travel companion accompany them on business trips. Guest related costs (hotel, meals, airfare, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the individual employee. Mid will only reimburse employees for hotel accommodations at the conference or single-room rate.
  24. Personal travel may be combined with business travel, at the sole expense of the employee. Any expenses incurred during the personal business portion of the travel event do not qualify for reimbursement by the college.
  25. The following are considered personal charges and are not reimbursable: expenses incurred by personal guests, extended stays for personal business, movies, alcohol and tobacco products, optional valet service, laundry service, entertainment and recreational activities, raffle tickets, parking tickets or traffic violation fines.
  26. International Travel
    1. Employees must work with their supervisors and the Business Services Department to ensure best practices are followed.
    2. Meal and incidental expenses will be limited to the foreign per diem rates established by the US Department of State at Search per diem rates by international location.