304 | Health and Safety

304.01 Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may only be allowed on campus with approval of the Board of Trustees. The Gillaspy Center, when used as the President’s residence, will be a specific exception to the policy.


304.02 Alcohol and Other Drugs

The College shall provide a drug-free workplace and learning environment for employees and students in compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

The Mid Michigan College Board of Trustees prohibits the possession, use, distribution, and unlawful manufacture of illegal drugs, narcotics or controlled substances on the College’s campuses. Alcohol is prohibited on campus except when a written Exception Request is submitted for consideration and is approved by the Board of Trustees. It is the responsibility of each student, faculty, and staff member to be familiar with the provisions of this policy and the State of Michigan laws as they pertain to alcohol and drug use and abuse. The College’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy places responsibility for individual and group conduct on the individuals who use drugs and consume alcohol. Using drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages are not excuses for irresponsible behavior. Individuals and groups are held accountable for their behavior whether or not they have consumed drugs or alcohol.

Michigan law prohibits the dispensing, selling or supplying of drugs or alcohol to any person under the age of 21. Students, faculty, staff and visitors to the College may not unlawfully manufacture, consume, possess, sell, distribute, transfer or be under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or a controlled substance on College property, at College-related events, while driving a College vehicle or while otherwise engaged in College business. College property includes all buildings and land owned, leased, or used by the College; motor vehicles operated by employees, including personal motor vehicles when used in connection with work performance on behalf of the College.

Any person taking prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication is individually responsible for ensuring that taking the drug or medication is not a safety risk to themselves or others while on College property, at College-related events, and while driving a College or privately owned vehicle while engaged in College business. It is illegal to misuse prescribed drugs contrary to the prescription or to give or sell the prescribed drug(s) to another person.

Employees who are convicted of a drug violation in the workplace as defined by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with State and Federal statutes and the College's policies and procedures. Disciplinary action may result in penalties up to and including discharge.

As a condition of employment, employees will be expected to abide by this statement and notify the Office of Human Resources of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace within, and not later than, five days after such conviction.

For employees engaged in Federal grants, the College shall notify the appropriate Federal agency of such conviction within ten days of receipt of notification as required by the Act.

The College shall provide to employees and students information, literature, and supportive services to inform them of the dangers of drug abuse and provide assistance and referral if a problem exists.

[LAST APPROVED October 2021]

304.03 Conduct

The College shall provide an environment conducive to learning in which students, faculty, and staff interact in a manner that creates and sustains mutual respect. The College shall operate within the parameters of Act #26 of Michigan Public Acts of 1970. No person shall enter or remain on the college property or premises, in buildings or other structures if it is determined by the chief administrator of the College, or designee, that the person constitutes a clear and substantial risk of physical harm or injury to other persons or of damage to or destruction of the property of the institution, or an unreasonable prevention or disruption of the customary and lawful functions of the institution by occupying space necessary therefore, or by use of force or threat of force.

[LAST APPROVED October 2021]

304.04 Disease Transmission

The College shall increase awareness and provide current, reliable, up-to-date and easily accessible education to students, faculty, administration and staff to prevent further spread of disease.


304.05 “Right to Know” Policy on Chemicals

Safety Data Sheets shall be posted appropriately and College employees shall be provided with training and/or information so as to work safely in environments containing chemicals. Appropriate postings and training will be provided for students to ensure their safety in classrooms and laboratories where chemicals are a part of the instructional activity.


304.06 Safe Learning Environment

The Board of Trustees shall monitor Campus safety and act on recommendations as needed to maintain Campus safety at all times.


304.07 Solicitation

Any solicitation of funds, professional services, advertising, door prizes or any other type of financial support for any College- related purpose by a College employee, student or organization must have prior authorization from the College President or designee. Employees of the College shall not be solicited for any commercial purpose during regular working hours. Commercial purpose shall include but is not limited to products or services.

Gifts, free samples or products exceeding $25 in value are not to be accepted from vendors by employees. Any gift exceeding $25 must be turned over to the Business Office.

[LAST APPROVED October 2021]

304.08 Tobacco

To promote the health and well-being of its students, faculty and staff, and reduce involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke, smoking and/or the use of any tobacco products, vapor or e-cigarettes is prohibited within or outside of all facilities, vehicles and grounds that are owned, leased or operated by Mid Michigan College.

No designated areas will be provided by the college for smoking or the use of tobacco products, vapor or e-cigarettes.

Students, faculty, staff and visitors may continue to smoke and/or use tobacco products, vapor or e-cigarettes in their personal vehicles when attending class, working, or visiting any campus location.


304.09 Weapons

Mid Michigan College prohibits any weapons on property that is owned, leased or otherwise under the control of the College. The College enacts this Policy in order to provide for the safety and welfare of all students, employees, vendors, contractors and visitors while on our campus or at College sponsored activities. Accordingly, no person shall be permitted to carry firearms or other weapons (concealed or not concealed) with or without a concealed weapon permit, while on campus or at any college sponsored function or event.

Any staff member found on the College premises possessing any pistol, firearm, dangerous weapon or other device that is purposed to inflict bodily harm, shall be subject to corrective action up to and including termination of employment. This applies to all College premises, in College vehicles, or on property being used by the College for College purposes. Anyone who violates this Policy may also be subject to criminal sanctions as provided for by law. This prohibition also applies to staff members who may be licensed to possess firearms, have a concealed weapon permit, or may otherwise engage in the open carry of a weapon. This restriction is not applicable to sworn federal, state, or local law enforcement officers who are required to carry firearms during the course of their employment or to those individuals who receive a written waiver of this prohibition from the President or designee.

Any student found possessing any prohibited material/device shall equally be subject to corrective action up to and including expulsion.

Any vendor, contractor, or visitor found in possession of any prohibited devices will be denied access to the College or be immediately removed from the premises.

The College recognizes that some individuals carry pepper spray or similar materials for personal protection when walking on or off campus. This Policy is not intended to prohibit the possession of such items. However, the College expects that individuals will use sound judgment in their use or display of such devices.

Individual witnesses who become aware of the following are urged to immediately report it to Campus Security or the Office of Security Operations and Systems:

  • Someone who is in possession or use of a dangerous weapon
  • Any threat or act of violence or conduct in violation of this Policy

Instances of severe and/or immediate danger should be reported to the local police department.


  1. College Property: includes but is not limited to property owned, managed, occupied, operated or leased by the College and used for classroom purposes, activities, college sponsored events or other authorized use of the facilities.
  2. Weapons/Dangerous Weapons
    1. a loaded or unloaded firearm, whether operable or not
    2. a dagger, dirk, razor stiletto, knife or stabbing instrument having a blade of longer than 3 inches, brass knuckles, blackjack, club, or other object specifically designed or customarily carried for use as a weapon, that is used as a weapon or carried/ possessed for use as a weapon.
    3. an object or device that is utilized or fashioned in a manner that would compel a person to believe that the object or device is a firearm or an object likely to cause death or bodily injury
    4. pneumatic devices, including any device that is designed to expel a projectile by the use of air, gas, or spring; to include BB guns, paintball guns, and Airsoft guns
    5. explosives, fireworks, bows and arrows, swords, and dangerous chemicals


  1. Current or retired State, Federal, County, or Local Law Enforcement Officer.
  2. Current or retired State, Federal, or County Court judge.
  3. An individual, with prior written approval of the President (and with limited scope and duration), may possess an unloaded weapon when it is worn as part of a military or fraternal uniform in connection with a public ceremony, parade, or theatrical performance; or if stored in a locked vehicle with a valid license.
  4. When someone possesses or uses such a device in connection with a regularly scheduled educational, recreational or training program authorized by Mid Michigan College.
  5. Based on extraordinary circumstances, only the President or designee may waive the prohibitions against weapons on campus. Any such waiver shall be in writing, state with particularity the reason for the waiver, and must be limited in both scope and duration.

Responsible Party for Administration and Enforcement

Office of Security Operations and Systems Related Documents: MCL 123.1101 MCL 750.226 MCL 28.425.

[LAST APPROVED September 2022]

304.10 Personally Identifiable Information

The College seeks to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of Mid Michigan College employees, third-party contracted assigned employees, and students. The electronic restrictions and safeguards outlined in this policy provide guidance for students, employees, and contractors that have access to PII retained by the College to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII): is any information pertaining to an individual that can be used to distinguish or trace a person’s identity. Some information that is considered PII is available in public sources such as telephone books, public websites, college listings, etc. This type of information is considered to be Public PII and includes, but is not limited to:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Work Telephone Number
  • Work Email Address
  • Home Telephone Number
  • General Education credentials
  • Photos and Video

In contrast, Protected PII is defined as any one or more of types of information including, but not limited to:

  • Social Security Number
  • Username and Password to Mid Michigan College Account
  • Passport Number
  • Mother's Maiden Name
  • Driver’s License or State ID #
  • Health Insurance ID #
  • Credit Card Number
  • Banking Information
  • Criminal, Medical, and Financial Records
  • Educational Transcripts
  • Photos and Video including any of the above items

College Information System: A collection of computing resources that are accessible through privileged accesses such as a login or key. Usually a software package designed to store employee data (i.e. Colleague, ICIMS, etc.)



All electronic files that contain Protected PII will reside within a protected Mid Michigan College information system location. All physical files that contain Protected PII will reside within a locked file cabinet or room when not being actively viewed or modified. Protected PII is not to be downloaded to personal devices (such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or removable media) or any system not protected by the college. PII will also not be sent through any form of insecure electronic communication (e.g., email or instant messaging systems). Significant security risks emerge when PII is transferred from a secure location to a less secure location or is disposed of improperly. When disposing of PII, the physical or electronic file should be shredded or securely deleted. For help with electronic secure deletion, contact the Information Technology (IT) team at helpdesk@midmich.edu.


If there is an operational or business need to store protected PII outside of a College information system please contact the IT department for assistance in securing the information.

Incident Reporting

The IT department (electronic documents) or Human Resources (physical documents) must be notified of a real or suspected disclosure of Protected PII data immediately upon discovery (E.g. misplacing a paper report, loss of a laptop, mobile device, or removable media containing PII, accidental email of PII, possible virus, or malware infection on a computer containing PII).


Periodic audits of the College owned equipment and physical locations may be performed by the IT team to ensure that protected PII is stored in approved information systems or locations. The purpose of the audit is to ensure compliance with this policy and to provide information necessary to continuously improve business practices.

[LAST APPROVED December 2020]