301 | Academics

301.01 Assessment of Student Learning

The Board of Trustees is committed to offering the highest quality educational opportunities. To establish an institutional environment that fosters continuous improvement in student academic achievement and total institutional effectiveness, the College shall provide an assessment program that adheres to the American Association of Higher Education's Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning while meeting the expectations of program and institutional accreditation.


301.02 Assurance of Quality

Mid Michigan College is committed to graduating students of high quality, fully capable of performing the skills specified in the student's major, and in the area of the College's general degree requirements. The College offers assurance to its students, prospective employers, and to transferring institutions that individuals holding degrees or certificates with a "C" average or better are fully capable of competent performance.

Graduates of Mid Michigan College who transfer to a university within one year of receiving a degree or certificate should be able to perform at a level equal to or better than those students who were admitted as freshmen at the transferring institution.

The College will, upon written recommendation from the institution to which the student transferred, permit the student to retake any course or courses, in which the student received a "C" or better in areas deemed deficient. This retake shall result in no tuition charges for the student.

Non-transferring graduates who earn a degree or certificate with a "C" average or better can be expected to perform competently in the area in which they were instructed. Any employer who views a graduate of Mid Michigan College as not possessing appropriate entry-level skills within a year of receiving a degree or certificate, and can specify such deficiencies, may request remediation. The student will be permitted to retake a specified course or courses or develop a specified skill without an additional tuition charge.


301.03 Calendar

The Board of Trustees shall approve the academic calendar each fiscal year.


301.04 Credentials

The Board of Trustees shall present degrees, certificates and diplomas upon the completion of such courses and curricula as have been deemed appropriate by the administration and faculty.


301.05 Honorary Degrees

The Board of Trustees shall award honorary degrees to recognize outstanding service to the College, service to education, and/or service to the community. The Board of Trustees may award an Honorary Associate in Arts or Science Degree, reserving this award as the highest level of recognition. The Award shall be presented with an appropriate keepsake at a commencement ceremony. The Board may also award, at its discretion and in an appropriate setting, a more general Honorary Degree in Arts and Science.


301.06 Michigan Colleges Online

As a member of Michigan Colleges Online, the College shall adjust existing College policy as needed to remain compliant with the terms and conditions of student enrollment in Michigan Colleges Online courses and activities as necessary.


301.07 Program Change

The Board of Trustees shall consider recommendations by the President to initiate or discontinue an academic program or to substantially change its scope.

Recommendations brought before the Board shall provide adequate information upon which decisions can be made and may include a) accreditation or regulatory requirements, b) relevancy to the College mission, c) responsiveness to community needs, d) accessibility to students, e) student outcomes, f) measure of program quality, g) adequacy of program resources and efficiency of resource use, and h) direct and indirect program-related revenues and costs to the College. A teach-out plan to serve the students currently enrolled in the program shall accompany any recommendations for discontinuation of a program.


301.08 Transfer Credit

Mid Michigan College will accept transfer credit from other accredited institutions within certain guidelines:

  • An evaluation will only be done from an official transcript as defined by the College’s Registrar.
  • Credits are transferred only for “C” or better courses. Grades from transfer courses are not calculated in the Mid Michigan College cumulative grade point average.
  • Transfer credits will be shown on the student’s academic record.

A minimum of 15 credits must be taken at Mid Michigan College to graduate from Mid Michigan College. A minimum of one-half of the student’s credits toward a program must be taken at Mid Michigan College to be eligible to graduate from Mid Michigan College with honors.

Students who transfer to Mid Michigan College after completing a degree at an accredited institution will be given the following exemptions from Mid Michigan College’s General Education requirements:

  • From a Two-Year Institution: Students transferring to Mid Michigan College with a two-year degree from an accredited institution will be exempt from 100 Level General Education requirements. 200 Level requirements will be determined in the transcript evaluation process.
  • From a Four-Year Institution: Students transferring to Mid Michigan College with a four-year degree from an accredited institution will be exempt from both the 100 and the 200 Level General Education requirements.