107 | Policy Development

A. Board Policy

The Board of Trustees of Mid Michigan College establishes those broad policies appropriate to the functioning of the College consistent with the Michigan Constitution and the Community College Act of 1966 (as amended).

The power to make policy resides in corporate action at Board meetings. Commitments and promises made outside of Board meetings by any member of the Board shall have only the weight of a comment of any private citizen.

Policies adopted by the Board shall be consistent with provisions of the law, but need not incorporate the same. The Board retains authority for the local control of activities at any of the College’s locations.

The President may apply to the Board for a waiver of Board Policy if the President deems a waiver is in the best interest of the College. A waiver, if granted, shall apply to the specific instance only.

Policies introduced at one meeting shall not be adopted until a subsequent meeting. All policies shall remain in effect until changed by the Board of Trustees at official Board meetings. In emergency or special circumstances in lieu of formal policy, the Board may authorize temporary guidelines or the President may act subject to subsequent and timely review of the Board.

Copies of the policies of the Board of Trustees shall be available on the College’s website and in any other location deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

B. Administrative Policy

The President, in concert with members of administration, formulates policy to regulate college-wide practices and operations that are delegated by the Board of Trustees or that would traditionally be viewed as a management function. Such policies shall be reviewed by the College Council and approved by the President.

C. Unit Guidelines

The President, with the advice of the College Council, shall designate and provide oversight to those College units responsible for developing, implementing, and updating procedures to support adopted policies.


[LAST APPROVED October 2021]