101 | Core Values and Philosophy

Core Values are the principles and ideals that guide our daily actions so that we achieve our College’s mission. They are the benchmarks by which Mid Michigan College (the College) measures its success and they are the standards to which it holds itself accountable. These Core Values appear below.



Mid Michigan College creates opportunities for all people. We value each person’s unique abilities and maintain open access to education. We create learning spaces and opportunities that promote global considerations and perspectives in a caring, inclusive, and safe environment. We are fair and respectful and treat people with equality and dignity. We value diversity in people, ideas, and beliefs, and we appreciate that our differences offer rich insights and opportunities for growth.


Mid Michigan College values the transformational power of learning. We inspire and empower lifelong curiosity, growth, and achievement through teaching and learning. Both within and beyond the classroom, we are student-centered. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic rigor and excellence so our students can make a better future.


Mid Michigan College values trust building through ethical decision-making, transparency, and honesty. We keep our commitments, act consistently and fairly, and make evidence-informed decisions that promote our mission. Our students, employees, and constituents know to expect the highest-degree of forthrightness and accountability when they interact with us.


Mid Michigan College values community and building collaborative relationships. We are careful stewards of our own resources, and we invest in meeting our communities’ needs for more engaged, skilled, and thoughtful citizens. Through strong and innovative partnerships, we support economic vitality and broaden our reach.


Mid Michigan College maintains the highest standards and promotes innovation so that we serve in relevant and meaningful ways. We recognize how rapidly the world changes, so we stay adaptable and responsive to the needs of those we serve. We do not settle for the status quo; rather, we encourage creative solutions and new approaches. We are forward looking. We see possibilities and we reach for those. We engage and value passionate and spirited leaders at all levels of the institution, because we believe that we are stronger collectively than we are individually.