Syllabi Policy


  • You must have a copy of your syllabus uploaded to Moodle by the first day of classes for each class you are teaching.
  • Your syllabus must be ACCESSIBLE! Find out how to make sure your syllabus is accessible by following these steps (presented in the accordion below).
  • Upload a copy of each of your syllabi by the end of the first week of classes, to the Syllabus Submission Form.

Accessible Syllabi Steps

For your next syllabus: Copy (File->Make a copy) and use this template:

A similar template for accessible PowerPoints is forthcoming.

In fact, build your course content directly into your Moodle shell using its page functions.

That is, rather than uploading a document to Moodle, create a Moodle page and then use the Accessibility checker.

If you are unsure of accessibility, you can:

  • Use the Style Sheeting in Microsoft or Adobe along with the “Check Accessibility” tool.
  • Avoid using color for emphasis. Instead, use bold or italic formats.
  • Use Moodle pages for content.
  • Send a Helpdesk ticket if you need assistance or want someone to give you feedback.

This transition will require learning, effort and patience from all of us. I thank you in advance for your efforts!

Visit this Moodle Course page for more information.

ADA.101.W - A Course Shell with Accessibility Resources

ADA.101.W Course Shell