Quick Overview of Steps

  1. Save your grade book(s) to your computer and make sure it is named with the section, semester, and instructor name.
  2. Submit your grade book(s) via the Grade Book Submission Form. Please don't email your grades to anyone.
  3. Submit your final grades in Self-Service. 


Deadline for Final Grades AND Grade Books

Important! All final grades and grade books MUST be submitted by 4:30pm, the Tuesday following the last day of the semester via Self-Service AND the Grade Book Submission Form. 

  • Winter 2024 8 week deadline, Tuesday, March 5, 2024.
  • Winter 2024 16 week deadline, Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

Grades/ grade books can no longer be sent via email, per the Data Security Policy.
Please use the form listed in STEP 2 to safely send and store your grade book!

Grade books include ALL grades received for each student, including: each assignment, test, quiz, presentation, etc. 

Grade Book Submission Policy & Procedures

Have your complete grade book(s) saved somewhere you are able to locate (Desktop, USB, Google Drive). 

If you keep a paper grade book, please scan to PDF and upload the file(s). Make sure you sign and date the paper grade book.

Please name your grade books so we are able to distinguish grade books appropriately. Include the section, semester, and instructor name. If you save your gradebook from Moodle it will automatically title it this way. 

Use this as an example name to save your grade book

PSY.101.W08.2023FA (12345) Grades - John Doe

Complete the Grade Book Submission Form

Note: If you taught multiple courses, upload ALL of your gradebooks into one form. You don’t have to submit a form for each class you taught. Don’t forget grade books include ALL grades.

Other Reminders

It is essential that instructors identify to their classes how respective grades will be earned (e.g., points, weighting, or "... there will be five exams and you must have a 90% average to earn an 'A'").It is equally important that instructors keep accurate records on student exams, projects, quizzes, etc.  In the event a student files a Grade Grievance (see policy contained in College Catalog), you may be required to justify the grade you issued to the student.

There is a very short period of time to process academic progress calculations for financial aid, to have grades posted in time for transferring students to have transcripts sent, and to have pre-requisites verified for next semester courses, so it is of great benefit to have grades entered by the deadline.


Grade Changes/Form

If you need to change a grade, complete the Grade Change Form. Request access to this form by emailing academics@midmich.edu. Do not send grades or changes via email, paper form, or phone message. [A background note on grade changes: the grade is overwritten on the student's transcript file, which means that the changes will not appear in faculty-accessible screens.] Direct questions about the process to Kristin Simon, Registrar, at ksimon3@midmich.edu.


Incomplete Grades/Form

An “I” for an incomplete must also have an Expiration Date and a last date of attendance (if applicable; if the student attended all through the course but failed, please enter the last date of the semester).  After the expiration date, the “I” will turn to an “F”. (If the student subsequently completes the work, the “F” can be changed.) Please send the signed Incomplete Grade Contract to the Registrar. Enrollment/Registration will keep a copy of the contract filed, but not any supporting documentation. Please make sure that you retain a copy and that the student has a copy.

 For Federal Financial Aid purposes, you need to provide the last date of attendance for grades of “F” and “I”.

 Incomplete Grade Contract

Please make sure that you are submitting your incomplete grades at the same time as all of your other grades!


Dropped Students

If a student that you believe dropped your course appears on your roster, that indicates that officially there wasn’t a drop. Please don’t enter a “W”; “W”s are issued only by Registration and Records.  Please enter the grade the student earned by not attending.  If it is determined later that the student should have been dropped, Registration and Records will make the correction.

Mid does not issue an “A+”, nor do we issue an “E”.  “A” is the highest grade, “D-“ is the lowest credit bearing grade,  and “F” indicates failure to earn credit.

 [Last Updated: 01.31.2024]