Students that are unsuccessful in a NUR course (due to failure by earning less than a C+ or withdraw) are eligible to apply for readmission to the Program. Students will be eligible the semester immediately following the unsuccessful attempt. This may result in the student switching cohorts and campuses. Once the student is accepted to return, they will remain at the cohort they are accepted back into. Readmission is NOT guaranteed. If a student is unsuccessful (either failure or withdraw) in the second attempt, they will be ineligible to return to the program.

Process for readmission:

  1. Students submit a "readmission application" which includes a letter addressing an evaluation of the reasons they were unsuccessful along with an academic plan of readiness to return.
  2. Determine seat availability.
  3. Students will meet with the nursing faculty and Dean/Director to review their challenges from the previous semester and their academic plan of readiness.
  4. When readmitted, students will be assigned a faculty mentor and will meet weekly with the faculty mentor to review their progress. Students will complete the “Weekly Summary” form; faculty will sign weekly after meeting and reviewing student progress. Students will submit the completed form to the Dean of Health Sciences at the conclusion of the semester and will become a part of their student file. Failure to meet weekly with their faculty mentor may be grounds for dismissal from the Program.
  5. When returning to the Program, students are required to assure all clinical requirements are updated and current. In addition, students are required to have current textbooks and resources.