Incident Reporting Policy


All administrators, faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in a clinical setting for Mid Michigan College as part of a Health Sciences program will ensure that the procedures outlined below are followed when an incident occurs at a clinical site. A few examples are: a fall, needle stick, medication error, burn, etc.

  1. A clinical site incident report form needs to be completed by the person involved (student, faculty, etc.), and the process that is established at the clinical site needs to be followed.
  2. A Mid incident report form needs to be completed detailing the events of the incident that occurred at the clinical site. Mid incident report instructions and the form are attached to this policy or most recent versions can be found on the Mid Intranet site, Business Office, Incident Reports.
  3. The Mid incident report form should be reviewed and submitted by the Program Director and forwarded to Lillian Frick, Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  4. If the incident warrants Dean involvement, the Program Director will communicate the event prior to the submission of the incident report form to VP Ms. Frick.