Automotive Technology

Career opportunities for automotive mechanics and technicians remain steady and offer competitive starting salaries with only one to two years of training.

MMCC's automotive programs maintain the highest level of industry accreditation and standards. And our degree pathways provide options for students to enter the workforce in as few as 30 weeks or to continue beyond MMCC through university transfer programs.

Why Choose MMCC?

Recognized for Excellence

MMCC’s Automotive Technology Program prepares students for work in the automotive repair and maintenance sectors.

For nearly 15 years, MMCC’s Automotive Technician-Training program has held Master Accreditation, the highest level of achievement, through the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF). This means that MMCC exceeds industry standards in instructor qualifications and professional certifications, learning services, program and instruction quality, and learning equipment, facilities, and resources. Read about MMCC's most recent accreditation.

Three Pathways Provide Options

Enter the workforce as a mechanic in only 30 weeks. Or complete a full associate degree or two year certificate with options for transfer into bachelor programs like Ferris State University’s Bachelor of Science in Automotive Management.

Hands-On and Real-World Learning

Students work on real vehicles and vehicle systems in the College’s automotive lab in Harrison. They also participate in co-op placements where they work in local businesses alongside certified auto technicians and mechanics.Different tracks for different students


Automotive Service Technicians or Mechanics are responsible for inspecting, maintaining vehicles, as well as understanding computerized equipment and electronic components. Most of these employees work for auto dealers, independent repair shops or service stations.

Students pursuing higher learning opportunities in automotive management will gain industry expertise in sales, customer relations, marketing, and managerial skills. Sales managers can earn among the highest wages for bachelor degree holders.

Job/Career Outlook


  • Median Pay: Approx. $17.84/hour or $37,120/year.

Employment Outlook (2014-2024)*:

  • 5% or as fast as average.

*Information from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 figures.

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