Electrical Apprenticeship

Study electrical theory, transformers, circuits, motors & motor controls, programmable controllers, blueprint reading, OSHA, and the National Electrical Code through Mid's Electrical Apprenticeship training and testing.

Now 100% ONLINE!

Working away from home and looking for a convenient way to complete electrical apprenticeship training?

Do you have employees who need to complete electrical apprenticeship training?

Mid Michigan College can deliver the solution. 100% online. Training. Testing. Done.

NEW! Mid’s EA testing can now be completed online, providing students with unmatched convenience and quality online training and skill evaluation.

Registration is always open!

Step 1 Complete Mid's Online EA Application

Mid's EA Application

Step 2 Complete the State of Michigan's License Application

State of Michigan Application

Mid's EA Training Descriptions

Mid Michigan College is an approved provider of related technical instruction (RTI). Mid's Technical Education Centers offer 100% online electrical apprenticeship training and testing that meets State and National standards of excellence and education requirements for electrician apprentices (EA).

  • Mid's EA training is recognized by the Electrical Apprenticeship Bureau and the Department of Labor.
  • Each EA module counts as 5 training hours. It is recommended that 29 modules are completed yearly.
  • EA training and testing can be completed online at a comfortable pace for each student with no due dates or deadlines.
  • Mid’s online EA training is offered year round and registration is always open. Training modules cost $100 each, and payment is due at the time of registration. There is a registration minimum of 3 classes per enrollment. No refunds will be provided for paid tuition.
  • Upon successful completion of the EA training series, students are awarded a certificate of completion from Mid Michigan College, and are eligible to sit for the Journeyman Electrician Examination administered by the State of Michigan.
“I’m thankful for the people at Mid who helped me succeed. From letting me use a proctor for testing to staying late so I could take my tests after work, they were always willing to go above and beyond. And I’m proud of myself for making it through the program while working full-time... I always tell people to remember that the time spent studying, when you would rather be doing other things, pays off in the end with a rewarding career,” noted Chris Millard, a recent Mid EA student.

Federal Financial Aid is not available for this program.

Check with your employer to find out if they have an approved apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor that will require your active participation in classes.

Disclaimer for Students signing a State of Michigan Application for Electrical Apprentice, FORM 117:
You are agreeing to provide true and accurate information, and also indicating ACTIVE participation in an electrical/fire alarm training program approved by the electrical Administrative Board. Fraud or deceit in obtaining registration is grounds for administrative action in accordance with the The State of Michigan licensing division. Be aware, the State of

Michigan may inquire, and under penalty, you are indicating your participation as noted by your signature.

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