Only 20 students are accepted into the Pharmacy Technician Program every year. Mid admits students to the Pharmacy Technician Program in the fall of each year. All classes are held at the Doan Center on the Mt. Pleasant Campus.

Pharmacy Technician Program Admission Application

Pharmacy Technician Application Deadline is July 1, annually.


Pharmacy Technician Program Information Packet



Completion of these requirements places you on the Pharmacy Technician Program wait list.

Note: The student is responsible for the cost of the background check. Students are excluded from acceptance to the program for any felony conviction record and/or any drug or pharmacy related convictions including misdemeanors. Students are also excluded from acceptance to the program for any denial, suspension, revocation, or restriction of registration or licensure, consent order, or other restriction by any State Board of Pharmacy. Students are also excluded from acceptance to the program for any admission of misconduct or violation of regulations of any State Board of Pharmacy.

Prepare For Success

To be a successful graduate, you need basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The Pharmacy Technician Program provides a blend of theoretical concepts, laboratory practice, and clinical application. In order to be a successful student, it is essential that you recognize and give a high priority to meeting the objectives of the program. Assuming responsibility and being accountable for your own actions, attendance, and participation are paramount as a pharmacy technician student and in the pharmacy technician profession.