Basic Life Support Classes (BLS)

MyMichigan Health is offering two types of BLS classes. The traditional classroom-based course takes about 3 hours. There is also HeartCode® BLS: computer-based lessons for professionals who need a flexible training option. Students “virtually” treat adult, child and infant cardiac arrest patients. Students complete the online lessons and exam, then, meet with an AHA instructor for skills practice and testing.

The online class takes 1-2 hours to complete and costs around $30. You will need to complete Heartcode BLS in NetLearning/Connect or then attend the Heartcode BLS Parts 2 & 3 to receive a card. The Skills Check-Off takes around 10 minutes to complete. The cost is $15.

Contact MyMichigan Health (Clare, Gladwin, Midland, and Gratiot) for a list of upcoming BLS Course offerings.

Call MyMichigan Health Education Services at (989) 488-5520 directly to register for a classroom-based course or a skills check-off date.

To register contact Tracey Miret at (989) 854-2814 or


Contact one of the following area resources to locate a class.

Verify with your Program Director or Clinical Coordinator to make sure the course you are signing up for meets your program requirements, BEFORE paying or taking any classes.

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

Mobile Medical Response

Spectrum Health

On April 1, 2006, a revised Public Health Code Legislation was enacted that impacts our ability to place students in a number of clinical settings. The enactment of this new legislation now requires that all health care students complete a criminal background check with fingerprints that include an FBI check. This includes students prior to placement in a clinical facility.

Based on this legislation, your final acceptance into a health care program may be affected by the results of this background check. There are multiple misdemeanors and combinations of offenses that would prevent you from meeting the minimal objectives of the program. Students with felony convictions will not be accepted into healthcare programs at our college.

Disclaimer: Mid Michigan College is not responsible if an applicant is denied licensure or certification from the program’s governing agency (i.e., State Board of Nursing, etc.) after completion of the program.

Unfortunately, the cost of the background check is not covered by any college fees and therefore becomes the responsibility of the student in advance of final placement in the healthcare programs. The cost of this service is $64.50.

Below you will also find a Livescan Fingerprint Request Form and instructions with our agency ID number for scheduling an appointment. There are numerous locations in Michigan where the fingerprinting can be done. Please remember that you must take the Livescan Fingerprint Request Form and a photo ID to the appointment and return the form to Mid Michigan College, Health Sciences Department, Harrison Campus, Room E233.

If Mid doesn’t receive your report by the required deadline specified by the program director, it may result in your seat in the health program being forfeited. All results are sent directly to the Dean of Health Sciences at Mid.

Letter and Directions Updated 8/3/18

LiveScan Form

Beginning in the Fall 2015 semester, mandatory drug screening will be in effect for all Health Sciences programs’ students and faculty.

Health Sciences Student Drug Screen Form