Understanding the Disbursement Process

Before aid can disburse, we must first verify participation. Aid may disburse between weeks six and eight after each semester begins. After participation is verified, aid is disbursed only to those students who meet financial aid eligibility and have fulfilled all requirements. If your aid has not been disbursed, review your Financial Aid Checklist in Self-Service or contact us by emailing finaid@midmich.edu or calling (989) 386-6664.

  • Direct Loans - A loan may be disbursed in two equal payments if the student anticipates enrolling for more than one semester during the academic year. If the student is only enrolling in one semester, the student may receive the funds in two disbursements during the semester. First-time borrowers are required to wait 30 days from the first scheduled day of the semester before the first disbursement is made on the loan.
  • Pell Grants – Disbursement is based on the total number of credits in which the student is currently participating. For example, you are enrolled in 12 credits and 3 of those credits are a 2nd 8 Week course. The first Pell disbursement is calculated for the 9 credits you are participating in. The second Pell disbursement for the 3 remaining credits is disbursed after the 2nd 8 Week course participation has been verified.
  • State Grants – (TIP, Reconnect, and Futures for Frontliners) Before state grants can disburse, the College's Business Services team works with the State of Michigan to complete verification and approval processes. Disbursement for the fall semester generally occurs in November, and disbursement for the winter semester generally occurs in March.

Refunds of Financial Aid Funds

Students who receive financial aid in excess of tuition and fees receive a refund from Mid Michigan College.

Refunds are disbursed via a paper check mailed to the address on file or via direct deposit. Simply log into the secure site and carefully submit your banking information. Make sure to include your 9-digit routing number and complete bank account number, which is different from your debit card number. It may take several days for your account to show a status of verified.

Refunds set up for direct deposit are generally credited to your bank account within 2 days of being processed by Business Services.

  • For assistance with your refund, or questions regarding direct deposit, email refunds@midmich.edu.
  • For assistance updating your banking information email ap@midmich.edu.
  • If preferred or by default, students can receive their refund as a paper check, delivered through standard mail. Students should access their account via Self-Service to ensure their most current address is on file.