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Never Dual Enrolled? Here's How to Get Started.

Review the Dual/Concurrent Enrollment Handbook (2021-22 version) which contains helpful academic, student service-related, and other information that supports success.

  1. Fill out our Dual Enrollment Application. (updated 2/2017)
  2. Contact your high school guidance counselor in order to move forward with enrollment in classes at Mid. Frequently, the high school pays most of the costs. You will need to ensure that you are working with your high school so that payment and enrollment in eligible courses occurs. Because the conditions for dual enrolling vary, your counselor will assist you in making course selections that align with your high school's requirements. For home schooled students, contact us, and we'll help you get started.
  3. Complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form (05/2020) with your high school counselor, and submit it to Mid's Admissions Department. Our Dual Enrollment Specialist will verify that you meet course placement and prerequisites standards, and once verified, enroll you in the course.
  4. Review your enrollment packet that you will receive at the address we have on file. This packet will contain a copy of your schedule, along with important information including the courses and schedule for which you've registered, your Mid Michigan College Student ID#, how to set up your Mid email, and how to purchase your text books. This information is important. Make sure everything is correct and that you understand what it says.
  5. NEW Online Dual Enrollment Orientation
    Participate in the online dual enrollment orientation. Note: Orientation will be completed through Moodle. To participate, you will need to set up your myMid account.

    For new dual enrollees, participating in the online orientation is really, really important! As a dual enrolled student, you are enrolling in college courses, and you’ll need to know what that entails, what to expect, and what consequences are attached if you don’t succeed.

Steps to setting up your myMid / Email accounts

You must set up your online myMid account. You will need your Student ID Number. This is your college e-mail and will be used for all college communication. Please complete the following steps.

1. Go to * <>.*
2. Click on the myMid link in the upper right-hand corner
3. Click on the *Account setup* link in the upper right-hand corner
4. Read the information to set up your username and password.
5. Now that you have your username and password,
6. Click on Login in the upper right corner

If you have any problems setting up your account, contact the Help Desk at or by calling (989)317-4630.

Steps for buying your text books

If you are participating in an enhanced dual school or Early College, you will likely not need to purchase your text books. In these cases, Mid provides text books to your school. Check with your guidance counselor if you are unsure whether your school participates in one of these arrangements.

All other dual enrollees will need to buy text books on campus or online. Your registration form (which was mailed to you) shows the classes for which you are registered, as well as class locations, times, etc.

We have campus bookstores in both Mt. Pleasant and Harrison. For fall, text books typically become available at the Bookstores around July.

To buy Online:

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, click Buy Books Online
  3. Under "Generate Your Book List" , Select a Campus Term
  4. Select Department (ex. ACC).
  5. Select a Course.(Ex. 101, 102)
  6. Select a Section (ex. W02).
  7. Select "ADD". Repeat the process to add multiple courses.
  8. When you have your course list, Select "Generate Book List". This will provide you a list and price options of required and optional books for each course.

If you have any questions about buying books, call the bookstore at (989)386-6640.

Already a Dual Student? Take advantage of College resources.

Dual Enrollees at Mid are entitled to all of our services. Click any of the links below to learn more.

Academic Advising
You will have access to academic advising from a Mid Mentor. You can receive advising relating to career planning, transfer, and more.

Student Accommodations Services
If you are interested in receiving disability related accommodations please visit the Student Accommodations Services website.

Library & Learning Services
You will be able to use the Library & Learning Services This includes each of the campus libraries and the online resources associated with the library system.

Laker Life

You can take part in many of the programs, clubs and activities that Student Life provides.

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