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Early Colleges

What are Early Colleges?

Early Colleges are partnerships between a college and high school or intermediate school district that allow high school students to graduate with both their high school diploma and an associate degree (or 60 transferable college credits). These programs receive State of Michigan designations, recognizing the Early College as a 5-year, state-funded entity.

To complete the 60 college credits, students begin taking college courses in their 10th or 11th grade years. Early College students attend a fifth year of high school, in which they spend nearly 100% of their time taking Mid courses. To ensure that students meet their goals, Mid advisors and high school counselors help students select and schedule courses that work for their plans.

Current Early Colleges

Currently, Mid partners with 5 schools to offer Early Colleges. More are in process of being a designated Early College by the State of Michigan.

  • Beaverton High School
  • Clare High School
  • Farwell High School
  • Gladwin High School
  • Shepherd High School
  • Ithaca High School
  • Beal City High School

How Do Early Colleges Benefit Students and Families?

  • Students complete two years of college, a year ahead of their peers
  • Have an Associate’s Degree paid for, saving thousands on their first two years of college
  • Mid degrees are highly transferable, so students will have easy access to continuing for their Bachelor Degree at university/college
  • Some Associate’s Degrees, particularly occupational or trade, allow students to enter the workforce immediately upon completion
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