Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible for dual enrollment?

High school students who have:

  • Met with their high school guidance counselors and who meet the criteria set by their high school or Intermediate School District. Every school is different.
  • Met Mid’s placement standards for the course(s) that they wish to take. This might include prerequisite requirements or achieving specific scores on standardized or placement tests.
  • Completed the Dual Enrollment Application with parents and their high school counselor.

Who pays for dual enrollment courses?

Usually a high school or school district pays for most (or all) tuition and fees. Some districts even cover textbook costs. But every high school is different. You should check with your high school guidance counselor to learn about your own high school's policies. Any remaining balance that is not covered by the high school will be the responsibility of the student/parent to pay by the tuition deadline.

Where do dual enrollees take classes?

Courses can be taken at either of Mid's campuses (in Mt. Pleasant or Harrison), online, or off-campus at certain high schools and ISDs.

Can home schooled students dual enroll?

Absolutely. We would love to talk with you about your options. Contact us at or (989) 386-6661.

Is financial aid available for dual enrollment students?

No. According to federal guidelines, dual enrolled students are not eligible for financial aid. Instead, costs are often covered by the student's high school district. However, poor performance in dual enrolled classes may impact whether a high school pays for the course(s) and a student's future financial aid eligibility. Students may apply for financial aid once they have graduated from high school.

In what courses can students dual enroll?

Some school districts limit options while others do not. You will need to check with your guidance counselor about your district's limitations. Mid wants to help you make course decisions! We have Mid Mentors who can determine the best courses for you based on your goals.

What courses are recommended for dual enrollees?

That depends on the student and the student's goals. Some courses have placement or pre-requisite requirements. For students looking to take highly-transferable, generally accepted courses, the MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement) block of courses is a good place to begin. Visit the MTA Pathway at Mid.

What if I want to take a class for which my district won't pay?

You can still enroll in the course, but high school students aren't eligible for federal financial aid, so you would need to secure funding for the course by yourself.

What is an early college?

Mid partners with several high schools and ISDs to provide Early Colleges. Early College is a five-year high school program designed to allow a student to earn a high school diploma and one of the following: 60 transferable college credits, an associate degree, a professional certification, the Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certificate, or the right to participate in a registered apprenticeship. These programs receive State of Michigan designations, recognizing the Early College as a 5-year, state-funded entity. In most examples, the high school district pays for all Early College courses. Learn more on our Early Colleges page.

How do I set up a myMid account?

View PDF version of the myMid Account Setup guide. If you still have questions, you can contact the HelpDesk at or (989) 317-4630.

How do students buy text books?

Check with your guidance counselor about your high school's text book policy. Some schools may provide your text book or reimburse you for text book purchases.

If you need to purchase your text book, we have bookstores on both Mt. Pleasant and Harrison campuses, or you can buy text books online. For fall, text books typically become available at the Mid bookstores around July.

To buy Online:

  1. Go to
  2. Under "Generate Your Book List," Select a Campus Term
  3. Select Department (ex. ACC).
  4. Select a Course (Ex. 101, 102)
  5. Select a Section (ex. W02).
  6. Select "ADD". Repeat the process to add multiple courses.
  7. When you have your course list, Select "Generate Book List". This will provide you a list and price options of required and optional books for each course.

If you have any questions about buying books, call the bookstore at (989) 386-6640.

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