Adult Learners

Adult Students at MMCC

Today matters. And today, you can start changing your life.

It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to begin something new. MMCC welcomes students of all ages. In fall 2015, more than 1,200 students who were older than 24 attended MMCC.

An education means a better career.

If you’re wondering “what might have been,” why not wonder instead “what might be?” Even if you’re currently employed, you can train for something better. Higher pay. Higher job security. Higher satisfaction with the way you spend 40 hours a week. And proof that you can do it.

Associate degrees and credentials pay off. Not only in terms of higher starting salaries and lifetime earnings. They allow you to pursue something better for yourself and family. A new start—a new challenge—a better path forward. A degree can get you a new career or a better one.

MMCC offers flexible options for busy adults.

You’re busy—so you need options for how and when you take courses.

Online Courses at MMCC

  • MMCC offers over 100 online courses each semester, and some of our degrees can be taken completely online.
  • Our two campuses and two technical centers allow you to attend courses within 30 minutes of where you live—from Ithaca to Houghton Lake, from Remus to Midland, from Marion to Gladwin.
  • 74.6% of our first-time, full-time students receive some form of financial aid in order to offset college costs, which means you’ll have options for how you pay for your degree.
  • We offer about 50 programs of study to prepare you for a new or better career in the health science fields, tech and trade areas, occupational fields (like computer information, criminal justice, and early childhood education to name a few), and transfer programs that help you save money on your future bachelor degree.

It’s one step at a time.

Our rapid-training programs / non-credit offerings, take only five to nine weeks to complete. Offerings include truck driver training, CNA (Certified Nurse Sssistant), Phlebotomy, and more.

Some of our career-track credentials consist of as few as 32 credits of coursework. Associate degrees are 62 credits. But, you can achieve your degree at your own speed. Start slow and small, with only a course or two, or enroll full time and finish in only 1-2 years.

It’s your plan that matters—we’ll help you draw it up and stick to it.

Hear for yourself from some of our adult learners. Click here.

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