There are a variety of ways to earn college credit at Mid even if you've never taken a traditional college course. Whether you're a veteran, have work experience that translates into credit, or you have test scores that qualify you, we can help.

Types of Credit

Mid Michigan College course credit will be granted for the successful completion of articulated course(s) at technical education centers or high schools.

Successful completion is defined as a minimum grade of “B" (3 .0) in the course/s, a requirement noted in each articulation agreement. A High school transcript is required to document grades earned.

Some articulation agreements also require the student to successfully complete Mid Michigan College proficiency testing or a sequential course before credit will be posted to their Mid transcript. These requirements would be noted in the articulation agreement on file with the technical education center or high school. No tuition or fees will be charged for articulated credits under these agreements.

Check specific articulation agreements for the number of credits possible for each articulated course. The opportunity to apply for articulated credit will expire in September, two school years after the technical education center or high school course or program is completed.

Articulated credits will become part of the total number of credits for program completion at Mid and will be listed on the student’s Mid transcript by course code and credit hour(s). High School articulated credit is NOT transferable to other institutions from Mid. No grade will be recorded. At least 12 credits must be completed at Mid to earn a certificate or degree.

Application For High School Articulated Credit

Veterans may be eligible to receive credit for their military training and experiences.

Electronic Forms

Visit this website to find the following forms.

  • 22-1990 - Application for VA Education Benefits
  • 22-1995 - Request for Change of Program/Place of Training
  • 22-5490 - Application for Survivors' and Dependents' Education Assistance
  • 22-5495 - Request for Change of Program/Place of Training Survivors' and Dependents'

Transcript Requests

Military Credit

Visit Mid's Veterans Students web area for more information.

Start Building Your College Transcript Now!

Have you already mastered the skills that you would learn in one or more of our courses? We offer credit for prior knowledge and skills gained through work experiences, life experiences, etc. If you are interested in having your prior learning and skills evaluated for credit, contact us!

Non-Traditional Credit

Complete the Non-Traditional Credit Application and attach any supporting documentation. The Registrar will review the application and forward all materials to the academic department for further evaluation. If approved, the student will be sent a letter stating what credit they have been granted. The student must pay $20 per credit to have it listed on their transcript. This credit is NOT designed to transfer to other colleges/universities.

Credit By Exam

Mid offers in-house competency examinations for some of our key, entry-level courses.

There is a fee for this type of test if you receive credits for the course in which you demonstrate competency.

If you do not receive credits for the course, but receive course competency to meet prerequisite requirements, there is no fee for the test.

See the table below for a list of examinations and their respective fees.

heading Course Numbers Amount
AAP AAP 140 $60
AAP AAP 142 $60
ECE ECE 101 $60
ALH ALH 100 $40

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) sponsored by the College Board affords students and prospective students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic proficiency in various general areas and specific subjects. Policies concerning the use of CLEP General Examinations at Mid Michigan College are developed and controlled by the Registrar. The course equivalencies are determined by the appropriate Academic Affairs Department.

When a student submits evidence of achievement by CLEP, this evidence will be evaluated by the Registration & Records with credit being granted in appropriate areas. To be eligible for credit for CLEP scores, a student must have been granted regular admission at Mid and an official score report must be on file. CLEP examination credit may not be used to repeat any courses previously taken. Grades for the CLEP examinations, where credit is granted, will be recorded as Credit. (CR)

Interested students should contact Mid's Testing Center. Though Mid is not a CLEP testing site, we can help you find a site near you.

Credit will be allowed for the following CLEP Subject Examinations provided that the score is 50 or above. Note: French level 2 and German level 2 may require scores higher than 50.

heading Mid Equivalent Credit
Accounting ACC 201 & 211 8
Algebra MAT elective 3
Algebra-Trigonometry MAT 124 5
American Government POL 201 3
Analysis & Interpreting Lit ENG 112 3
Biology BIO 101 4
Calculus w/Elementary Functions MAT 132 5
Chemistry CHM 111 & 112 8
College Mathematics MAT Elective 3
College Composition ENG 111 3
English Literature ENG 201 & 202 6
French Level 1 FRN 101 4
French Level 2 FRN Elective 4
German Level 1 GER 101 4
German Level 2 GER 102 4
History of the US I HIS 211 3
History of US II HIS 212 3
Humanities HUM elective 3
Information Systems & Computer Applications CIS elective 3
Macroeconomics ECO 201 3
Microeconomics ECO 202 3
Management BUS 122 3
Marketing BUS 162 3
Psychology PSY 101 3
Social Sciences & History SSC 200 3
Sociology SOC 101 3
Western Civilization I HIS 101 3
Western Civilization II HIS 102 3

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP courses are typically courses offered through high schools that offer academic rigor similar to college-level courses as determined by the College Board (the regulators of ACT and CLEP). At the end of the course, students have the option to pay a fee to take the AP test. If a student passes the test with a score of 3 or better and has verification sent, Mid will award the student credit for that course. However, it is not mandatory that a student has completed an AP course before completing the AP test. This helps ensure that homeschooled students are eligible as well.

See table below for a list of AP test and credit equivalencies.

heading Credit Mid Equivalent
Art, History of 3 ART 283
Art, Studio Drawing Portfolio 3 ART 105, 130, or 115 depending on portfolio
Art, Studio General Portfolio 3 ART 105, 130, or 115 depending on portfolio
Biology 4 BIO 101
Calculus AB 5 MAT 126
Calculus BC 4 MAT 126 and MAT 225
Chemistry 4 CHM 111 and CHM 112
Computer Science A 3 CIS 175
Computer Science AB 3 CIS 175 and CIS 275
Economics-Macroeconomics 3 ECO 201
Economics-Microeconomics 3 ECO 202
English Language & Comp. 3 ECO 111
French Language 3 FRN 101 and FRN 102
French Literature 3 FRN elective
Government & Politics U.S. 3 POL 201
Government & Politics  3 POL elective
History, European 3 HIS 102
History, U.S. 3 HIS 211 and HIS 212
Music Theory 3 MUS elective
Physics C: Mechanics 5 PHY 211
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 5 PHY 212
Psychology 3 PSY 101
Spanish Language 3 SPN 101 and SPN 102
Spanish Literature 3 SPN elective
Statistics 3 MAT 212
English Literature & Composition 3 ENG 112
Environmental Science 3 ENV 200
Registration & Records

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