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Information and Resources for our Current Nursing Students:

Health Requirements for Nursing Clinicals:

Students in the Mid Nursing Program are expected to maintain a satisfactory level of mental and physical stability to enable and insure a safe and competent level of functioning.

Students are required to complete a health assessment along with having their immunization record current.

NCLEX Information:

To better assist students in completing the steps to take their NCLEX (State Board Examination), please see the following link to the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for information.

Nursing Readmission Policy

Students seeking readmission to the Nursing program will need to follow the READMISSION POLICY. Please be aware that readmission is NOT guaranteed to the nursing program if a student fails or withdraws. Please contact the Nursing office for guidance on readmission.


All Nursing students will be required to create a Corporate Screening account upon acceptance into the program. ACEMAPP is used to track immunizations and BLS requirements. Corporate Screening is used to track students' drug screens and criminal background checks.

The cost for students to purchase their Urine Drug Screen and Immunization Tracker through Corporate Screening is $78.00. The cost of the Criminal Background check is NOT included in the Corporate Screening fee.


Contact Barb Wieszciecinski at 989-317-4625 or

Elder Abuse Module:

Elder Abuse Training Module

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