Each year, thousands of students across Michigan attend Mid. Some are pursuing goals of enrichment, others are preparing to transfer to a university, and still others are training for a technical career. While their motives may be different, the support they receive from Mid is the same — personal, proactive, and positive.

With small class sizes, dedicated staff, and academic assistance programs, Mid always makes student success the priority. When our students stay in the area and apply their newfound skills in the local workforce, our communities flourish.

When our students achieve their goals, we do too.

This is Mid at its very core — building confidence, knowledge, and leadership in our students, empowering them to better themselves, their lives, and the communities in which they live


Letter From the Former Mid Michigan College President

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all the communities that support Mid for entrusting us with the education of your young people.

The role we play in their future and in the future of our communities is a cherished one. It is a role with many facets—educator, mentor, coach, friend, and colleague, and each is equally important and equally powerful in creating a brighter future.

Mid was created by the local communities it serves and has long drawn on the strength and resilience demonstrated by residents and businesses. We believe in teaching skills that translate back to family businesses and leading employers in the area. We believe in teaching our students that community is something to be proud of. We believe in teaching one another that Mid was created and exists today to be a beacon of knowledge and opportunity.

Learning at Mid spans and connects the generations. The Lifelong Learning programs provide opportunities for community members to explore culinary arts, birding, welding, and more. Recently, Mid revitalized the Senior Citizen Tuition Scholarship program, which offers persons age 62 or older one class each semester tuition-free. In conjunction with the above efforts, Mid’s partnership with MSU Extension has also expanded the variety of hands-on learning events for the young and young-at-heart.

I hope that you will visit Mid's campuses soon. Of course, we always love to see friends of the College and learn about what is happening in your lives. But I especially invite you to visit because the tremendous potential of Mid students is energizing! From project presentations to slam dunks, state-of-the-art equipment demonstrations to cross country meets, Mid students never fail to inspire. 

Talk with our students, take a course, cheer on our teams—in the end, our students are your students, our courses are your opportunities, and our teams are your champions.


Christine M Hammond, Ph.D., Former Mid Michigan College President