Trio Talent Search Services

Study Skills- Information will be provided on how to study, what techniques are proven, as well as practical applications.

Financial Aid Assistance- Anything related to financial aid will be covered. Students and parents will learn how to file their FAFSA, the key to federal student aid. They will also learn about private scholarships, grants, and loans that are available to help pay for college.

College Visits- Want to know if a college is the right fit for you? One of the best ways is to visit it in person. ETS will have field trips to college campuses.

Fee Waivers- Students can re-take the ACT test twice for free. during their high school career. Also, sometimes college applications require a application fee. ETS can take care of that. We offer waivers for both the SAT and ACT now.

Time Management Skills- With today's busy world, time management is a crucial skill to have. Learn how to juggle all the demands both academically and socially.

Job Shadowing- Students will be set up with opportunities to get a hands on look at potential careers.

Portfolio Assistance- Need to develop a portfolio for interviews or assignments? ETS will show you how it's done.

Life Management Training- Information will be provided on how to juggle all that life has to offer and how to relieve stress.

Volunteering/Service Projects- Volunteering is a great way to give back! Interested students will be offered a chance to participate in service projects or volunteering efforts.

Career Information- Nobody buys a car without researching it and test driving it first. The same should be true about your career choice. Students will learn about potential careers, education required, and salary information.

Academic Advising- Students will need to make sure they are taking appropriate classes that translate into their future. ETS can help to ensure that students are academically prepared.

Personal Advising- Someone is always available to listen and offer tips/suggestions.

College Admissions Assistance- Filling out application forms can be intimidating. Students can get help with filling out forms, as well as request assistance for admissions fees.

ACT and SAT fee waivers are available for Educational Talent Search participants.

To be eligible, students must be currently in the 11th or 12th grade.

Student can receive two fee waivers for the duration of their enrollment in ETS. To get a fee waiver, contact the Program Director, Marilee Kujat

ACT Info

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SAT Info

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The College Application Process- A List of Terms for Parents This website has a great resource listing some of the many terms you will hear during the college application process.

Financial Aid Award Letter Comparison- This website will allow you to compare multiple school's financial aid award letters.

College Tours- This website will give you virtual tours of thousands of schools.

College Answer- Information on planning and financing college.

Know How 2 Go- This website talks about steps students should take to prepare for college.

Midland Area Community Foundation- A link of scholarships available for residents of Gladwin County.

Clare County Community Foundation- A link of scholarships available for residents of Clare County.

First in the Family- This website provides information for first generation college students and encourages them to be successful.

First Generation Students- This website is great for information particularly tailored to students who would be the first person in their family to attend college.

College Reality Check- This website allows you to compare institutions on key data points such as average debt when graduation, graduation rate, etc.

Focus Software- This site will take you to the log in screen for the Focus Software, which is a career search site that ETS students are given user accounts for.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - This website, created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gives a wealth of information on almost any career.

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