Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Students can apply by picking up an application either on their website under Application Materials or seeing their guidance counselor. When the application is completed, they can either mail it back to Mid (the address is on the application) or give it to their school guidance counselor.

Please see the Eligibility Requirements page for more information.

The program is free. There is no cost to join or attend any of the ETS events. A $10 event registration fee is required but this is refunded unless the student is chosen to attend an event and is a no show.

While the program is mainly designed for students, there are a very limited number of slots available for adults wishing to obtain services. Please call the ETS office for more information on an adult wishing to enroll.

Parents/guardians need to be just as committed to the program as students are. This includes supporting the student by keeping track of their academic progress, participating in ETS workshops and seminars, and supporting their student when they transition to college.

The vast majority of ETS activities will occur either after school has ended or on weekends. There is a possibility that a field trip may be during the school day, but advance notification will be given.

While there is no official deadline, keep in mind that ETS can only offer a certain number of slots to each school, at each grade level. To ensure your student is eligible, we recommend applying as soon as possible.

After each applicant applies, students will have an interview with ETS staff. The interview, as well as the counselor recommendation form, will give ETS staff information needed to make a decision.

Contact Us!

Marilee Kujat, Director of ETS, or (989) 386-6622 x529.