FAQ's for Student Veterans

What if I'm deployed while in college?

Students called to active duty during a term in which they are receiving VA Educational Benefits must notify their Certifying Official and provide a copy of their orders.

The Certifying Official will report the date of their withdrawal from school to the VA and indicate the reason as "Called to Active Duty".

Eligibility for VA education benefits will be held in abeyance until the veteran's return to school. In other words, the remaining months of entitlement will be available to the veteran when he or she re-enrolls as a student.

How do I drop courses and what is the drop timeframe?

For VA purposes, the drop period is a reasonable time at the beginning of a term officially designated by the school for dropping courses providing it does not exceed 30 days from the first day of the term.

If you drop a course or stop attending, notify Mid's Certifying Official as soon as possible. You may be asked by the VA for repayment if an overpayment occurs.

How do my grades affect my VA benefit eligibility?

The VA will not pay for courses in which you receive no credit (NC) grades. The VA may ask you for repayment for these courses.

Punitive Grade is used in determining a student's progress toward completion of graduation requirements, and is a factor in computing grade point average. Punitive grades include: A, A-. B+,B,B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-.

Non-Punitive Grades exclude the course from any consideration in determining progress toward fulfillment of graduation requirements. Students may be charged with an overpayment for courses in which a non-punitive grade is received. Non-punitive grades include: I,NC,W.

Failing Grades

The Certifying Official is required to contact the instructor of any course in which a failing grade was received. If the instructor can verify that the final exam was taken, no repayment to the VA will be expected. If the final exam was not taken, the VA may require repayment of benefits retroactive to the first day of class.

Incomplete and Deferred Grades (I)

Incomplete and deferred grades must be removed and a regular grade received for that course(s) within one calendar year from the date of receipt.

Incomplete and deferred grades are not counted in determining a student's enrollment status for certification of eligibility for future enrollments.

Incomplete and deferred grades will be reported to the VA which can lead to an overpayment situation at the end of the semester.

What happens if I repeat a course?

Courses that are failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified with the VA if they are repeated.

Courses that are successfully completed may not be certified with the VA if they are repeated.

What happens when I withdraw from a course?

The VA will not credit a course toward your enrollment status if the final grade is a "W".

Withdrawal grades will be reported to the VA which can lead to an overpayment situation at the end of the semester.

What does satisfactory academic progress (SAP) mean?

All students receiving VA educational benefits are required to maintain the college's academic progress published in the College Catalog under Academic Probation and Dismissal.

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