Free HIV/Hep C/STD Testing

HIV, Hep-C and STD testing are being offered to Mid students through the Central Michigan Health Department.

Central Michigan District Health Department

Offered Free:

  • HIV Testing & Counseling (finger poke)
  • Hep C Testing (venipuncture)
  • Syphilis Testing (venipuncture)
  • Chlamydia Testing (Urine)
  • Gonorrhea Testing (Urine)
  • Testing

    Appointments can be scheduled by calling (989) 773-5921 x1409.

    Additionally, testing and other services can be obtained at Life Choices of Central Michigan in Mt. Pleasant.

    Visit their website, Life Choices of Central Michigan.

    Life Choices of Central Michigan


    Contact Amy Campbell, Director of Counseling and Wellness Services | Email

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