Free HIV/Hep C/STD Testing

HIV, Hep-C and STD testing now being offered on Mid’s Mt. Pleasant Campus.

These services are provided by Central Michigan Health Department.

Central Michigan District Health Department

Offered Free:

  • HIV Testing & Counseling (finger poke)
  • Hep C Testing (venipuncture)
  • Syphilis Testing (venipuncture)
  • Chlamydia Testing (Urine)
  • Gonorrhea Testing (Urine)
  • Testing

    Offered during the Winter semester 9am-Noon on select Thursdays each month.

    The location of testing will be disclosed upon arranging for an appointment.

    The Winter dates for testing on campus are:

    • Thursday, January 16
    • Thursday, February 6
    • Thursday, March 5
    • Thursday, April 9
    • Thursday, May 7

    Appointments are required in advance and can be scheduled by calling (989) 773-5921 Ext 1409.


    Contact Amy Goethe, Student Wellness Coordinator at

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