FAFSA Completion Challenge

It's Time! Get your FAFSA skills ready and support your school in the FAFSA Completion Challenge!

2024 Challenge Details

When | JANUARY 1 - APRIL 1, 2024

Who | High School Seniors from Ashley, Beal City, Beaverton, Breckenridge, Bullock Creek, Clare, Coleman, Evart, Farwell, Ithaca, Mt Pleasant, Shepherd, and St. Louis.

What | The graduating class with the most completed FAFSA's* will be announced as the winners on social media and receives a pizza party with Harry the Heron!

Click Here to complete the FAFSA & Help Your School Win!

Current Stats

Check out your school's progress and encourage your friends to complete the FAFSA!

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FAFSA Resources

*This is calculated as a percentage in relation to the size of the senior class.

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