Special Circumstances

Income Adjustments

Students and family members that experience a significant change in income and/or circumstances may request that the school they are attending review the information submitted on their FAFSA. After documentation is submitted and reviewed by Financial Aid staff, the school may make changes to a student's information and submit that information to the Department of Education and request additional financial aid for the student.

An appointment with a Financial Aid Officer is required for students requesting this process.

There is substantial information that must be gathered in order to complete this process. By meeting with an Officer, an assessment can be made of what items need to be turned in to begin the process. Additional items may be required after an initial review.

The 2018-2019 FAFSA uses 2016 tax return and income information.

The 2019-2020 FAFSA uses 2017 tax return and income information.

To get started, contact the Financial Aid Office at (989) 386-6664Place Skype call to schedule an appointment.

Independent Status Request

The law governing the FSA programs is based on the premise that the family is the first source of the student's support. The law also provides several criteria that decide if the student is considered independent of her parents for financial aid eligibility. A student reaching the age of 18 or 21 or living apart from her parents does NOT affect her dependency status and remains a dependent of their parent for financial aid purposes. In unusual cases a financial aid administrator can determine that a student who doesn't meet any of the independence criteria should still be treated as an independent student.

Your parent's refusal to provide information for your FAFSA is NOT grounds for granting independent status. Students whose parents refuse to provide information on the FAFSA may only receive unsubsidized Stafford loans. For a student to be eligible for these loan funds, you must provide documentation (1) that your parents refuse to provide information for your FAFSA and (2) that they do not and will not pro­vide any financial support to you and the date the financial support ended. If your parents refuse to sign and date a statement to this effect, you must get documentation from a third party.

Students may be considered independent if they meet any of the following conditions.

  • Are you homeless or at risk of being homeless?
  • Did your parents abandon you?
  • Was your family environment abusive?
  • Are both of your biological or adopted parents deceased?
  • Are you an emancipated minor?
  • Were you in foster care at any time between the ages of 13 and 18?
  • Were you a ward of the court at any time between the ages of 13 and 18?
  • Do you have a legal guardian?

You must be able to answer "yes" to at least one of the above questions. The Independent Status Request Form is available at the Financial Aid Office at either campus. If you would like to speak to a Financial Aid Officer, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at (989) 386-6664 to schedule an appointment.

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

You reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that you are an unaccompanied youth who is homeless, or are an unaccompanied youth providing for your own living expenses and at risk of being homeless. The definitions below explain this status, but if you are not sure if your situation meets these definitions, or you need help, please call the financial aid office.

Homeless means lacking fixed, regular, and adequate housing, which includes living in shelters, motels, or cars, or temporarily living with other people because you had nowhere else to go. Also, if you are living in any of these situations and fleeing an abusive parent you may be considered homeless even if your parent would provide support and a place to live.

Unaccompanied means you are not living in the physical custody of your parent or guardian.

Youth means you are 23 years of age or younger or still enrolled in high school as of the day you sign your FAFSA.

If you made an error on your FAFSA you do not need to return this form; however, you must change your answer on your FAFSA and provide your parent(s)’ financial information and signature. Access your FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov. Your financial aid cannot be processed by our office until you have completed the necessary corrections and signature(s).

2018-2019 Homeless Youth Form

2019-2020 Homeless Youth Form

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