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How to Add / Drop Courses

When can I drop & add courses?

Students may drop and/or add classes during the registration and/or schedule adjustment period. Once the schedule adjustment period has passed, students may drop only. See our list of important dates for more information.

How do I drop & add classes?

  1. Drop/add online via MidWeb, or,
  2. Complete a Drop/Add form and return it to Enrollment Services on either the Harrison or Mt. Pleasant campuses.
  3. Please note: To maintain confidentiality and student account security, we do NOT process drop/add requests via telephone.

Will dropping classes affect my financial aid award?

If you receive financial aid grants or loans, you must check with the Office of Financial Aid before dropping classes. Dropping classes or dropping during certain time periods may cause changes to your financial aid award eligibility, requiring you to pay back some of your financial aid.

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